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Loving: Summer 2020

Happy summer!  Summer is here, despite the ongoing pandemic.  Below are a few things I have been recently loving this summer!



1. Podcast: The Way We Live Now — I love this podcast!  The episodes on this podcast are relatively short, and the content is really interesting and timely, providing insights into others’ lives during this time.  I highly recommend!  And, Episode 31, is one of my favorites!

2. Money Heist  — Doug had heard that Money Heist was really good!  We do not get to watch too much television, but we have been watching this show, in the evenings, and it is really good and quite addictive!  (It takes us much longer to get through a series — gone are our days of binge watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu!)

3. Dog I.D. Tag — We recently had to replace Victory’s I.D. tag, and we really love this one.  It is small and simple, while containing the necessary information.

4. GLDN Necklace — For Mother’s Day Alex (and Victory) got me this necklace with her name engraved on it.  I love it.  It is simple and lovely!

5. Chesapeake Bay Candle  — I love this line of candles!  A good friend gave me one for Mother’s Day this year!  They come in a variety of scents, and they smell really great!  I have given them to friends who have also loved them, too!  We have been lighting candles a lot more in the evenings during this time, and they are a nice way to end the day.

6. The Conscious Parent —  This book by Shefali Tsabary is very good.  I am part way though, and I have learned so much helpful information that I was not aware of prior to reading.  There is always so much to learn, each day, raising a little person!

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Loving: Spring 2020

Happy spring!  The trees are in full bloom here, despite the ongoing pandemic.  Below are a few things I have been recently loving this spring!



1. Alice + Ames Dresses — I love these dresses!  They are the best!  These dresses are made with extremely comfortable material along with simple design.  Alex now has a handful of these dresses.  I will, for sure, be purchasing them for her for the years to come!  I love the simplicity of design of these dresses and Alex loves to twirl in them as well!  I had fun picking these dresses out along with her new spring and summer clothes!

2. Bob Stroller  — Alex officially outgrew her Bugaboo Fox, which we loved.  I, initially, thought we would be in that stroller until Alex was around age three.  However, that was not the case!  It never crossed my mind, when we got the Bugaboo, that she would outgrow it so quickly.  The Bob Stroller is our last stroller purchase, and we are happy with the Bob stroller; it rides well and maneuvers well; Alex likes it; and Alex can be in it for awhile, we hope!  We have put a lot of miles on the Bob stroller, recently, and it has come in really handy for us during our frequent walks together.

3. All Along You Were Blooming — I first learned about this book on a recent podcast where I first learned of Morgan Harper Nichols‘ work.  I find her work and poems quite inspirational.  You can read this book cover to cover or pick random pages each day, which, for sure, will provide inspiration and thoughts for reflection.  I highly recommend this book!

4. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown — This podcast is so great!  I highly recommend it!  This podcast reflects both the magic and the messiness of what it means to be human.  The interviews and conversations are really fascinating.  I highly recommend this podcast!

5. Little Fires Everywhere  — At the beginning of our quarantine, we started this series.  It is so, so good.  We love it and cannot wait to see how the series ends.  Based upon the best selling book, this series explores the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, and the ferocious pull of motherhood — and the danger of believing that following the rules can avert disaster.

6. Fromm Dog Treats — We tried some new dog treats for Victory!  And, she loves them and she gives them two paws up!

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Loving: Winter 2020

Happy winter!  Below are a few things I have been recently loving this winter!  (And, we hope to have no more sickness in our house for awhile!)



1. Paperless Post — I have been using Paperless Post since this fall, when I discovered it.  I love sending paper cards, and I was saddened to hear, recently, that one of my favorite paper card stores, Papyrus, is closing.  (We got our custom wedding invitations from Papyrus.)  Anyway, Paperless Post is great!  I love it.  It is great for sending a card that you instantly want to be received by the recipient, whereas a card via mail would take too long, in some cases.  Especially if you have friends and/or family living abroad, for example.  The designs are beautiful and there is a large selection in many categories!  There is a small nominal fee to send these cards, but I think it is worth it!  I highly recommend, even though I have not given up sending paper cards!

2. Born Boots  — I love these boots!  They are simple in design and super comfortable with a nice lining to keep your legs warm!  I highly recommend them!

3. Peloton Tred — We recently got the Peloton Tred over the Holidays, and we love it.  We gave up our gym membership for the Peloton, and we are so happy.  We are able to use it daily, outside of the time we were all sick, and Doug and I trade off in order to get daily exercise, and Alex can remain at home with us, which makes everything easier.  The tred is very smooth to walk and run on, and the classes are great, too.  (And you do not have to have a Peloton to do the classes!)  It is so convenient and wish we had made the decision to get it sooner!

4. Instacart — Doug and I recently started using Instacart from our local Wegmans.  Doug really wanted to try it, so over the holidays, we gave it a try, and we have not gone back.  It is a huge time saver and we love it!  Doug and I work on the list together before placing our order, and pervious orders are saved, which is nice so you do not have to resubmit your list each week and you can modify the list as needed.  There have not been any mistakes, thus far; the shoppers all text with substitution approvals; and all of our order have been on time, except for one.  I was not so keen on doing it, initially, but it is really nice not to have to fight the crowds on the weekends and have a little bit more time, which feels like it is at a premium these days.

5. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Balm Alex had had some patches of dry skin during these cooler months that we were unable to resolve.  The pediatrician recommended this balm, and it works great, and cleared everything in a few days, and Alex’s skin feels so, so soft!  It does not have a smell and it is not greasy, which we love!  I have even used it myself, and it works great!

6. Dog Sherpa Throw — For Victory’s birthday, we gave her a large sherpa throw for our bed, where she likes to lay during the day.  It is so soft, and it washes up well, too.  Then, for Christmas, we gave her the smaller sherpa throw to use in the car, which works really well, too!  I highly recommend it for any furry family member!  Victory loves it!

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Happy Wednesday!

Loving: Fall 2019

Happy fall!  The fall is one of our favorite times of the year, a time for harvest, and it is finally beginning to really feel like fall, one of our favorite times of year!  Below are a few things I have been recently loving this fall!



1. How to Raise Successful People — I recently discovered this book after I heard the author, Esther Wojcicki, on a recent podcast.  I found this book to be helpful, and I particularly liked learning about her TRICK method: Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration, and Kindness, with respect to raising children.

2. Aden + Anais XL Sleep Sack —  Alex is still using a sleep sack for naps and bedtime, and Aden and Anais is one of the only places I have found that still carries them in her size, as Alex is long — these are super soft and comfortable sleep sacks that wash up well, too.  Alex also loves the Aden + Anais burp cloths, which she uses as her little ‘lovies’ while sleeping.

3. The Lululemon Define Jacket — Doug recently bought me this jacket, and I love it!  It is incredibly comfortable and great for cooler fall days!

4. Home Chef — Doug and I recently subscribed to the Home Chef meal service, and we love it!  We love the meal options and the meal kits are great and produce great dinners, which Doug makes for us!  With it becoming cooler and darker earlier, we are cooking more at home, and this is a great option if you are looking to mix things up!

5. The Mary Marantz Show  — I enjoy listening to podcasts, when I get a chance.  I have really enjoyed listening to this relatively new podcast where Mary Marantz brings you honest conversations and her best tips about business, relationships, faith, goals, and more.  I especially loved the episode about finding beauty in our own everyday.

6. Preformatrin Ultra Dog Food — This fall, we recently transitioned and changed Victory’s food to include grain, and we settled on this brand, Performatrin, a Canadian brand.  She loves it, so far, and, for a topper, she still eats the wet Fromm food!  And, thankfully, Victory received a clean bill of health at the vet recently at her annual exam!

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Happy Monday!

Loving Summer 2019

Happy summer!  We are excited that it is officially summer and we are enjoying time together!  Below are some items I am currently loving!



1. Lululemon Tank — I recently got this new Lululemon tank for the summer, and I love it.  It breathes well and it is extremely comfortable!

2. Bogg Bag —  I love the Bogg Bag!  It is great for taking to the pool or beach, as it is waterproof!  It is also easy to find your gear within the bag itself, which is an added plus!

3. Apple Watch — I am probably late to the game with the Apple Watch, but Doug just got me one for Mother’s Day, and I love it!

4. Satya’s Mother’s Love Necklace — I love the Satya line, and I was recently gifted this beautiful necklace, which I love.

5. Frames  — We have picture frames all over our house.  I especially love these simple silver frames.

6. Doen Tote Bag — It seems we are always in need of a tote bag.  I absolutely love this Doen tote bag, which is also quite pretty, with little roses printed on the fabric!

Happy Summer!

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Loving Spring 2019

Happy spring!  We hope that it will actually feel more and more like spring on a consistent basis soon!  We have, however, had a few beautiful days here that we have really enjoyed outside!  Below are some items I am loving!



1. Justin’s Peanut Butter — I recently tried this peanut butter, and it is really great — I highly recommend it!  Victory loves it, too!  (Victory recently had a dental and lost two teeth, poor girl, and we used this peanut butter to give her pain and inflammation medicine, and it worked!)

2. Journal —  I have been using this journal, and I really love it.  It has wonderful inspirational quotes included as well!

3. Tommy John’s Air Brief — These are my new favorite undies that Doug got for me recently!  (Doug also got a pair, to try, and he loves them, too!)  (My past favorite undies here and here are, unfortunately, no longer made.)

4. Dare to Lead — This book was a great read!  It is a wonderful actionable handbook on creating a space for better work and more fulfilled people.  Brown writes, “One of the most important findings of my career is that daring leadership is a collection of four skill sets that are 100 percent teachable, observable, and measurable.  It’s learning and unlearning that requires brave work, tough conversations, and showing up with your whole heart.  Easy?  No.  Because choosing courage over comfort is not always our default.  Worth it?  Always.  We want to be brave with our lives and our work. It’s why we’re here.”

5. Diono Car Seat  — We love our Diono car seats, and, importantly, Alex seems to love them, too!  These should last us a good while, unlike our infant car seat!

6. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion — I really love this lotion!  It is wonderful and I use it everyday after I shower.  There is no scent, no oily residue, and it keeps my skin really hydrated!  I highly recommend it!

Happy Spring!

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Loving Winter 2019

Happy winter!  Winter is not one of our favorite seasons of the year, with less day light and colder temperatures, but we are embracing our time together!  Below are a few things I have been recently loving this winter!



1. Gathre World Mat — We gave Alex this play mat for Christmas, and we love it, and she loves it, too!  It works really well, by creating a smooth surface, for playing!  We also have Gathre bibs, changing mats, and a mat for the high chair, that we love!

2. Matimati Bibs —  Since the teething has been in full swing with Alex, we discovered these bibs and they work really well to keep the drool off of her clothing.  They also wash up quite nicely, too!

3. Nuby Massaging Brush — We love the Nuby massage brush/teether!  Alex especially loves it, as she uses it each day!

4. Steve Antony Panda Books — We read to Alex daily, and we fell in love with Steve Antony’s panda books that we fortuitously discovered this fall!  They are wonderful.  We have one more to order, and then we will have all of these panda books, that are available right now!  (Steve Antony also has other wonderful books, too!)

5. Inheritance, by Dani Shapiro  — I love Dani Shapiro’s books.  I have read all of her books, except for one, I believe!  I love reading memoirs, and this was a very interesting and moving memoir.  This memoir explores such questions: What makes us who we are?  What combination of memory, history, biology, experience, and that ineffable thing called the soul defines us?  It is a fascinating read, and Dani also has a new forthcoming podcast coming out next month.

6. Orvis Dog Leash — This leash is back at Orvis, which we had monogrammed for our beloved Biscuit!  We recently got this same leash with Victory’s name engraved on it, like Biscuit’s leash.

Happy winter!

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Loving Fall 2018

Happy fall!  The fall is one of our favorite times of the year!  Below are a few things I have been recently loving this fall!



1. Everyday Gratitude — I recently discovered this book and gifted it to a good friend!  This book contains wonderful quotes and thoughts to ponder on a daily basis!  I highly recommend this book to everyone!

2. Family Tree Ornament —  I was looking for a family ornament four our Christmas tree and after much searching, I settled on this one with all four of our names engraved on it, which now is hanging on our tree!

3. Gathre Changing Mat — We have three of these mats and since we love them so much, and we even keep one in our car for emergencies as well!  The mat is light-weight, portable, and cleans up really well!  We even got the mat for the high chair, for when that time comes!

4. Artifact Uprising Brass Desk Calendar — I love making our images tangible.  Each year I always make one of these calendars for our home and for Doug to take to work.  I love it!

5. Lululemon Camo Align Crop Pants  — I love the Lululemon align pant, and Doug gifted them to me recently in the camo pattern; they are really great and very comfortable.  I highly recommend them!

6. Goal Digger Podcast — I have listened to this podcast for awhile and it is quite interesting.  It is a creative business type podcast with many interviews of various creatives and interesting topics!

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Happy Wednesday!

Loving: Baby Edition, Summer 2018

Happy summer, what is technically left of summer, anyway!  We are only several weeks into being parents, however, below are some items that we have really loved since baby Alex came home from the hospital!



1. Bugaboo Fox – We love this stroller!  Baby Alex loves going for rides in her buggy and we look forward to using the toddler seat, shown above, when she gets a bit older!

2. Uppababy Mesa Car Seat – We really love this car seat!  Baby Alex typically falls asleep in this car seat very easily, which is great!

3. Ergo Carrier – We love the Ergo, and we even have one for Victory!  baby Alex usually falls asleep while in the Ergo and it is great for walks and also for getting things around the house, if needed!

4. Glider – This glider is wonderful and very comfortable!  It is great for nursing and feedings along with story time!

5. Swing – We love this swing and so does baby Alex!  She takes at least one good nap a day in it!  We also love that it has a puppy on it, plus the fact that it is electric and plugs in so there is no need to worry about the swing running out of juice!

6. Dock-A-Tot – We absolutely love the Dock-A-Tot!  It saved us!  Because of it, baby Alex began to sleep at night!  We will likely get her the Grand Dock-A-Tot when she outgrows the Deluxe Dock-A-Tot!

7. Swaddle Wraps  – These are fantastic!  They also saved us!  Baby Alex began to sleep at night and naps during the day when she was unable to escape these velcro swaddles!

8. Muslin Swaddle Blankets – These muslin swaddle blankets are wonderful and they are breathable and not too heavy — they are great for just about anything — stroller rides, car seat rides, and wrapping up your baby, etc.

9. White Noise Machine – The white noise machine has been great at night since, which helps keep baby Alex asleep at night.

10. Spectra Breast Pump – I really like this breast pump.  It does not cause pain while using it and it is very quiet and efficient, along with it being rechargeable so it is portable, which is very convenient.

11. Burp Cloths – We really like these burp clothes — they are very soft and they wash up nicely.

12. Pacifier  – Through a recommendation of a friend, this was the pacifier that baby Alex can actually keep in her mouth!  It works really well!

13. Fish Bath – This soft bath worked really well while baby Alex was really small.  It was soft and held her head and body well while we bathed her via sponge baths in the kitchen!

14. Whale Bath – We have moved to this bath now, which has three seating positions, which fits in our tub.  It works really well and will work for a while as baby Alex grows!

15. Johnson’s Sleepy Time Bath Kit – We really like the lavender, sleepy-time, bath kit!  Baby Alex smells really wonderful after her baths.

16. Pampers Swaddlers Daipers – We really like these diapers — they are super absorbent and baby Alex seems to like them and she has not had any diaper rashes!

17. Pampers Wipes – These wipes work quite well!

18. A and D Ointment – This ointment works really well to prevent diaper rash.  Baby Alex has not had any diaper rash since we have used this A and D Ointment in conjunction with the Pampers Swaddlers and wipes.

19. Nancy Tillman Books – We love these books!  We have about four of the Nancy Tillman books, thus far!  I highly recommend them.  The paintings are beautiful in these books that augment the wonderful stories.

20. What to Expect the First Year Book – This book is great to look things up quickly or read along as your child grows!  I highly recommend it!

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Loving: Maternity Wear

Happy spring!  It finally feels like spring around here and we are loving the sunshine and fresh air!  Below are some items that I really have loved wearing while growing our baby.  After much looking around quite a bit, I was not a fan of maternity clothes, so I have done my best to wear my regular clothes by sizing up, in most cases.



1. Hatch Bikini — This was the only one of three ‘maternity pieces’ that I purchased during this pregnancy, which Doug got for me this spring.  I absolutely love the Hatch Bikini.  We got it for our Babymoon and to use at our pool this summer.  It is extremely comfortable and fits one’s growing belly well.  Although this exact bikini is not available any longer, there are similar Hatch bathing suits here.

2. DKNY Underwear – I did not purchase any ‘maternity underwear.’  I use my current underwear, which still fits well (I did not size up), while pregnant, even during this final trimester.  I highly recommend this underwear regardless if you are pregnant!

3. Wacaol Bra – I did not purchase any ‘maternity bras.’  I ended up sizing up with my usual bra, and it worked out well, thus far.  However, I did purchase the Emma-Jane night bra for postpartum, which is quite comfortable also.

4. Tom’s Shoes — My feet and ankles have been quite swollen during the later part of this pregnancy.  I have loved wearing my Tom’s shoes, as they accommodated my expanding feet well, which is hopefully short lived!

5. Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Shorts – Since our baby is due during the summer months, I had to get maternity shorts for ease of comfort.  I found these maternity shorts by Ingrid & Isabel to be very comfortable and they are inexpensive as well.

6. Ann Taylor Loft Top  – I never found any maternity tops that I fell in love with.  Thus, I sized up on the type of tops I would normally wear from Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft, for example, which has worked out well, thus far.

7. Lululemon Align Pant – I love Lululemon’s pants.  I sized up and keep wearing these pants, which is getting me through this pregnancy.

8. Lululemon Align Crop Pant – Since I love Lululemon’s pants, I sized up in the Align crop pant as well for exercising and it has worked well as well, thus far.

9. Lululemon Tops – I found a few Lululemon tops that have worked well during this pregnancy with my expanding belly.  Although the exact top that I found this past winter is no longer made, that has been working well, I love the Lululemon tanks that have a built in bra.

10. Isabella Oliver Dress – I purchased this maternity dress and I love it!  The dress is comfortable; the material is very well made; and it looked quite flattering!

11. Nordstrom’s Pajamas – Long – I discovered these pajamas last fall and I love them — they are super comfortable!  They have worked well during my pregnancy and for hanging in around the house; although I ended up sizing up during the third trimester, as my belly has really grown.

12. Nordstrom’s Pajamas – Short – These pajamas are getting me through the summer months.  They are extremely comfortable!  I sized up as I am using them during my third trimester and they are great to wear during the warmer months.  They work really well!

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Happy Tuesday!