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Loving: Fall 2022

1. Star Ornament  — I love this ornament. The quality is very nice and I love that you can list the year and the members of your family along the star.

2. Hana Andersson Leggings — We love the Hana Andersson leggings; Alex wears them through the fall, winter, and spring, and they hold up really well, even after many washings — they are a must have for us!

3. Taharka Brothers’ Ice Cream — We all love the Taharka Brothers’ ice cream — it is the best ice cream I have ever had, and we were lucky enough that one of their ice cream trucks came to our neighborhood for a few events! The honey graham is excellent!

4. Hana Andersson Tops — Similar to the leggings, above, we love the Hana Andersson tops, they also hold up really well and Alex thinks that they are very comfortable, as well!

5. The Watcher — This is a good series, based in part on a true story. This is a mystery-thriller, and if you enjoy those types of shows, you will enjoy this one!

6. The Stories We Tell by Joanna Gaines  — I enjoy reading memoirs. Gaines wrote down her life story after feeling conflicted. She used writing to process experiences of her first two decades of life. “Fear, vulnerability, intentionality, perfectionism” were recurring themes.  She urges readers to pay attention “to the moments you’ve kept close,” to listen to their own story, and to be open to “a way of living that grows toward change rather than against it.” I found this book as a reminder to be really present in your life, really leaning into and embracing all of those ordinary moments, which are not so ordinary.

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Loving: Spring 2022

1. Patchology Restoring Night Gels  — I love these Patchology night gels. They contain a dose of anti aging Retinol and Peptides to reduce wrinkles. They are very soothing, and I love them!

2. ILIA Serum Foundation — I came across this new line of makeup, ILIA, and I love it! The serum foundation is so wonderful, and it goes on so easily and it does not feel like you are wearing anything on your face; plus, it is a clean makeup. I highly recommend this makeup line!

3. Fromm Wet Dog Food — Victory loves this dog food, which we use in conjunction with her kibble. We have used it for years, and the quality of this food is excellent as well.

4. Minnow Swim Swim Suit — Alex loves these swim suits! They come in unique designs and cuts, and they hold up pretty well for a busy little girl!

5. The Power of Showing Up — This is an excellent book for any parent, especially of young children. I loved this book. I learned how important and crucial is is for parents to consistently show up meaningfully in their child’s life. And the research suggests that this is one of the best predictors for how a child turns out in terms of happiness, academic success, leadership skills, and meaningful relationships. Ultimately, this book is a wonderful guide to cultivating your child’s healthy emotional landscape and wiring.

6. Hanna Andersson Dress  — Alex’s favorite color is orange, and we love Hanna Andersson’s clothing! So, this was a perfect match! The fabric is light and airy and comfortable for enjoying play time!

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Loving: Winter 2022

Happy Winter!

1. Maid — We finished this series, recently, which was based upon a true story. It was intense to watch, but it was very well done and interesting, and it follows the arc of the hero’s journey.

2. The Lost Daughter — We watched this film recently, and it was well done. Maggie Gyllenhall is the writer and director of this film, pertaining to how events past and present shape our souls and force us to confront our shadow.

3. Bocce’s Crispies Dog Treats — These are some new dog treats we tried with Victory, and she absolutely loves them, they are similar to crispy training treats!

4. Patagonia Jacket Alex loves her winter jacket! It is well-made and keeps her very warm, which is important!

5. Osmo — Alex got an Osmo for Christmas, and she loves it! She loves making creative pieces of art, along with her letters!

6. Vivian Maier, Developed — I recently purchased this book over the Holidays, and it is such a great read. Vivian’s Maier’s work was discovered in a very fascinating way several years ago. Her work has subsequently been acquired by and shown in museums. Very little was known about her at the time her work was discovered; however, Ann Marks does a wonderful job sharing Vivian’s story, in conjunction with her work. I learned a lot about this photographer, and it was inspiring to read as well.

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Loving: Fall 2021

Happy Fall! Below are a few things I have been loving this fall!

1. Patagonia Nono Puff Jacket — I love this jacket. It is the perfect weight for fall weather, without feeling too heavy on your body! I highly recommend.

2. Native Body Wash — I love this body wash! I especially like the lavender and rose scent, it smells so nice!

3. Chick-Fil-A Peppermint Milkshake — It is that time of year, again, that we look forward to, when we can get a Chick-Fil-A peppermint milkshake, for a limited period of time! (I usually do not go for milkshakes, but this one is excellent.) Both Alex and I love them, a special treat!

4. Work Life Podcast with Adam Grant — I just came across this podcast with Adam Grant, and I really enjoy the wide range of topics, and the guests are very interesting to listen to, especially on a long walk outside!

5. You will Leave A Trail of Stars — I really like this book by Lisa Congdon. It offers interesting thoughts, insights, and wisdom.

6. The Serpent  — Doug and I enjoyed this British crime drama, which was based on a true story.

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Loving: Summer 2021

Happy Summer! Below are a few things I have been loving this summer, thus far! And, we are so happy summer is here!

1. Good Inside Podcast — I really like Dr. Becky! She has a great podcast and blog filled with good and helpful information about raising kids today. Additionally, she has great information on Instagram, too!

2. Gravity Podcast — I also really enjoy this new podcast hosted by Lucy Kalanithi. It is a podcast about how we can look at hardship differently. (I also enjoyed previously reading the book, a memoir about living while dying by her deceased husband, Paul Kalanithi.)

3. The Mess You Leave Behind, Netflix — We really enjoyed watching this series, and it really leaves you guessing until the very end!

4. Crocs —  Alex and I got new Crocs this summer! They are really comfortable and easy to slip on when you are on the go; and they are great for the pool, too!

5. Superglow Glow Screen — I really like this facial sunscreen. It leaves your face with a dewey and glowy finish!

6. Better than Leftovers Dog Treats, Trader Joes  — Victory loves these treats! We have been trying to mix up her treats up this summer, for some variety! She truly loves these dog treats from Trader Joes!

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Loving: Spring 2021

Happy Spring! Below are a few things I have been loving this spring, thus far!

1. Magic Spoon Cereal — I love this cereal! In fact, everyone in our house loves it, including Victory! It is a healthy cereal that tastes great, and is very reminiscent of your childhood favorites with no sugar!

2. Lululemon Top — I really love this top from Lululemon that I recently got. It is very comfortable and it comes in a variety of colors.

3. Noto Lipstick — I love this light lip stain, an earthy pink hue, which is perfect for everyday wearing!

4. Loosing Alice —  Doug and I loved watching “Loosing Alice,” a captivating Israeli show.

5. Lake & Skye Perfume — This perfume is a new find, and I really love it! It is sheer, clean, and uplifting with an ethereal vibe.

6. Highlights – High Five  — Alex loves getting her “High Five” magazine in the mail, which was gifted to her by a friend. The content is great, and Alex loves the “find its,” included in each issue.

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Loving: Winter 2021

Happy Winter! Below are a few things I have been loving this winter, thus far!

1. Spirit Junkie Cards — I love these cards, by Gabrielle Bernstein, that I recently got, which features beautiful watercolor illustrations and empowering messages, which provides great inspiration.

2. Honeymoon Glow Serum — I have been using this serum for about a month, now. It is a night serum that hydrates and resurfaces skin. It is wonderful, with a hint of honey smell — I highly recommend this serum.

3. Hatch Baby — We got this Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise for Alex, and she loves it. It contains all different types of sounds, to select from, and different color lights for night lights, which are all controlled by your phone/ipad. Alex loves the Hatch, and we love it, too, as it helps alert us all when it is time for bed/nap, along with a light color change to alert Alex when it is ok to get up! It is great! And, as an added bonus, we are getting a little extra sleep!

4. Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May — I began reading this book recently, after listening to a podcast. May explores how we relate to the painful periods in our lives —and what we can gain from normalizing the need to rest and tend to our wounds. May shares what changed for her when she allowed herself to see sadness as a need and not something to run from. For example, it helped her stop feeling addicted to productivity and busyness and begin to let go of the need to control everything. “We have got to stop feeling responsible for controlling our lives because that attempt is devastating us,” she says. “And it’s a lie—we just cannot do it.” 

5. Boll and Branch Sheets  — I had heard really good reviews of these sheets, for some time, and I decided to get a set for us, recently, and I absolutely love them! They are the best sheets I have ever slept on! I think we are both sleeping better at night, as a result! I highly recommend.

6. Hanna Anderson Unders—  We recently started potty training, and I love these underwear, and so does Alex! They hold up well, just like their clothes line, and they are super soft and comfortable.

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Loving: Fall 2020

Happy Autumn!  You can really feel that fall is here, despite the ongoing pandemic.  Below are a few things I have been recently loving this fall!

1. Caprina Body Wash — I love this body wash!  I discovered this brand while visiting Quebec a few years ago. Alex loves the bubble bath and the lotion is great, too. I really love the orchid scent, it smells really nice.

2. Ebeerjay Pjs — I do not recall exactly how I heard about this brand, but their pjs are fantastic. They are super soft and comfortable!

3. Hanna Anderson Shir— I get most of Alex’s clothes from Hanna Anderson, and we love this company. I love that they have solid, non-text, non-busy clothes, that are super soft and comfortable. I also get the girls matching Happy Hanna PJs for Christmas!

4. Filson Leash — For Victory’s birthday, we got her a new leash, and we love it! And, it compliments her fur coat nicely!

5. Dirt by Mary Marantz  — I love memoirs, and I really enjoyed reading this memoir by Mary Marantz. It was eye-opening and transformative to read her story.

6. The Osterholm Update: COVID 19 Podcast —  Doug got me started listening to this podcast. He has been an avid listener since the pandemic started. As a result, I started listening to this weekly podcast, and I am hooked. Dr. Michael Osterholm, the Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota, provides very informative and honest insights about the current COVID-19 pandemic. The topics are timely, insightful, informative, and interesting each week. I highly recommend this podcast.

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Also, by the way, our Halloween post is updated with new photographs!

Loving: Summer 2020

Happy summer!  Summer is here, despite the ongoing pandemic.  Below are a few things I have been recently loving this summer!



1. Podcast: The Way We Live Now — I love this podcast!  The episodes on this podcast are relatively short, and the content is really interesting and timely, providing insights into others’ lives during this time.  I highly recommend!  And, Episode 31, is one of my favorites!

2. Money Heist  — Doug had heard that Money Heist was really good!  We do not get to watch too much television, but we have been watching this show, in the evenings, and it is really good and quite addictive!  (It takes us much longer to get through a series — gone are our days of binge watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu!)

3. Dog I.D. Tag — We recently had to replace Victory’s I.D. tag, and we really love this one.  It is small and simple, while containing the necessary information.

4. GLDN Necklace — For Mother’s Day Alex (and Victory) got me this necklace with her name engraved on it.  I love it.  It is simple and lovely!

5. Chesapeake Bay Candle  — I love this line of candles!  A good friend gave me one for Mother’s Day this year!  They come in a variety of scents, and they smell really great!  I have given them to friends who have also loved them, too!  We have been lighting candles a lot more in the evenings during this time, and they are a nice way to end the day.

6. The Conscious Parent —  This book by Shefali Tsabary is very good.  I am part way though, and I have learned so much helpful information that I was not aware of prior to reading.  There is always so much to learn, each day, raising a little person!

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Loving: Spring 2020

Happy spring!  The trees are in full bloom here, despite the ongoing pandemic.  Below are a few things I have been recently loving this spring!



1. Alice + Ames Dresses — I love these dresses!  They are the best!  These dresses are made with extremely comfortable material along with simple design.  Alex now has a handful of these dresses.  I will, for sure, be purchasing them for her for the years to come!  I love the simplicity of design of these dresses and Alex loves to twirl in them as well!  I had fun picking these dresses out along with her new spring and summer clothes!

2. Bob Stroller  — Alex officially outgrew her Bugaboo Fox, which we loved.  I, initially, thought we would be in that stroller until Alex was around age three.  However, that was not the case!  It never crossed my mind, when we got the Bugaboo, that she would outgrow it so quickly.  The Bob Stroller is our last stroller purchase, and we are happy with the Bob stroller; it rides well and maneuvers well; Alex likes it; and Alex can be in it for awhile, we hope!  We have put a lot of miles on the Bob stroller, recently, and it has come in really handy for us during our frequent walks together.

3. All Along You Were Blooming — I first learned about this book on a recent podcast where I first learned of Morgan Harper Nichols‘ work.  I find her work and poems quite inspirational.  You can read this book cover to cover or pick random pages each day, which, for sure, will provide inspiration and thoughts for reflection.  I highly recommend this book!

4. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown — This podcast is so great!  I highly recommend it!  This podcast reflects both the magic and the messiness of what it means to be human.  The interviews and conversations are really fascinating.  I highly recommend this podcast!

5. Little Fires Everywhere  — At the beginning of our quarantine, we started this series.  It is so, so good.  We love it and cannot wait to see how the series ends.  Based upon the best selling book, this series explores the weight of secrets, the nature of art and identity, and the ferocious pull of motherhood — and the danger of believing that following the rules can avert disaster.

6. Fromm Dog Treats — We tried some new dog treats for Victory!  And, she loves them and she gives them two paws up!

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