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Loving: Winter 2022

Happy Winter!

1. Maid — We finished this series, recently, which was based upon a true story. It was intense to watch, but it was very well done and interesting, and it follows the arc of the hero’s journey.

2. The Lost Daughter — We watched this film recently, and it was well done. Maggie Gyllenhall is the writer and director of this film, pertaining to how events past and present shape our souls and force us to confront our shadow.

3. Bocce’s Crispies Dog Treats — These are some new dog treats we tried with Victory, and she absolutely loves them, they are similar to crispy training treats!

4. Patagonia Jacket Alex loves her winter jacket! It is well-made and keeps her very warm, which is important!

5. Osmo — Alex got an Osmo for Christmas, and she loves it! She loves making creative pieces of art, along with her letters!

6. Vivian Maier, Developed — I recently purchased this book over the Holidays, and it is such a great read. Vivian’s Maier’s work was discovered in a very fascinating way several years ago. Her work has subsequently been acquired by and shown in museums. Very little was known about her at the time her work was discovered; however, Ann Marks does a wonderful job sharing Vivian’s story, in conjunction with her work. I learned a lot about this photographer, and it was inspiring to read as well.

You can view other things I love here!

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