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Loving: Fall 2022

Below are a few things that I am loving this fall.

1. Star Ornament  — I love this ornament. The quality is very nice and I love that you can list the year and the members of your family along the star.

2. Hana Andersson Leggings — We love the Hana Andersson leggings; Alex wears them through the fall, winter, and spring, and they hold up really well, even after many washings — they are a must have for us!

3. Taharka Brothers’ Ice Cream — We all love the Taharka Brothers’ ice cream — it is the best ice cream I have ever had, and we were lucky enough that one of their ice cream trucks came to our neighborhood for a few events! The honey graham is excellent!

4. Hana Andersson Tops — Similar to the leggings, above, we love the Hana Andersson tops, they also hold up really well and Alex thinks that they are very comfortable, as well!

5. The Watcher — This is a good series, based in part on a true story. This is a mystery-thriller, and if you enjoy those types of shows, you will enjoy this one!

6. The Stories We Tell by Joanna Gaines  — I enjoy reading memoirs. Gaines wrote down her life story after feeling conflicted. She used writing to process experiences of her first two decades of life. “Fear, vulnerability, intentionality, perfectionism” were recurring themes.  She urges readers to pay attention “to the moments you’ve kept close,” to listen to their own story, and to be open to “a way of living that grows toward change rather than against it.” I found this book as a reminder to be really present in your life, really leaning into and embracing all of those ordinary moments, which are not so ordinary.

You can view other things I love here!

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