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Loving: Summer 2021

Happy Summer! Below are a few things I have been loving this summer, thus far! And, we are so happy summer is here!

1. Good Inside Podcast — I really like Dr. Becky! She has a great podcast and blog filled with good and helpful information about raising kids today. Additionally, she has great information on Instagram, too!

2. Gravity Podcast — I also really enjoy this new podcast hosted by Lucy Kalanithi. It is a podcast about how we can look at hardship differently. (I also enjoyed previously reading the book, a memoir about living while dying by her deceased husband, Paul Kalanithi.)

3. The Mess You Leave Behind, Netflix — We really enjoyed watching this series, and it really leaves you guessing until the very end!

4. Crocs —  Alex and I got new Crocs this summer! They are really comfortable and easy to slip on when you are on the go; and they are great for the pool, too!

5. Superglow Glow Screen — I really like this facial sunscreen. It leaves your face with a dewey and glowy finish!

6. Better than Leftovers Dog Treats, Trader Joes  — Victory loves these treats! We have been trying to mix up her treats up this summer, for some variety! She truly loves these dog treats from Trader Joes!

You can view other things I love here!

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