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Dogs are a constant source of inspiration.  Dogs are an integral part of many lives, often referred to as furry family members or fur babies.   Biscuit’s Space is curated with a strong artistic ‘dog-centric’ flair.  In addition to its regular content, Biscuit’s Space also features and interviews a myriad of ‘dog-centric’ artists.  Currently, many dog-centric’ artists and photographers have been interviewed and featured on Biscuit’s Space.  It is always fascinating to learn more about artists who are inspired by dogs.

Biscuit’s Space is always looking to feature ‘dog-centric’ artists.  To submit your ‘dog-centric’ art work to Biscuit’s Space, email with a link(s) to view your work.  If you are selected, you will be contacted for further information.


IMG_9659 b and w 2 2012


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