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Keeping an Eye on Your Dreams: Daruma Doll

My friend introduced me to the Daruma Doll.  The Daruma Doll is a traditional handmade Japanese wishing doll, sometimes referred to as a “goal doll,” that keeps one focused on achieving his/her goals!  It is a century-old tradition from Japan that is positive, motivational, and is believe to really work!  As a result, I ordered my own Daruma Doll and set my goal.

Here is what you do once you have your Daruma Doll:

Step 1: Decide on a specific goal you are determined to achieve.

Step 2: Draw in one of the Daruma Doll’s blank eyes (either eye is okay) to signify your commitment to achieving your goal.

Step 3: Place your Daruma Doll somewhere visible in your home or office so that while he focuses on your goal, you will be reminded to do the same!  I placed my Daruma Doll on my desk so I see him everyday reminding me of my goal/dream!

Step 4: Once you have achieved your goal, draw in the Daruma Doll’s other eye to say, “thank you!”

Step 5: Write the goal you achieved on the back of your Daruma Doll, and if you wish, you can display your Daruma Doll reminding you of your achievement!

My hope is that sometime in the near future I will be able to color in my Daruma Doll’s blank eye, signifying accomplishment of my goal!

Happy goal and dream setting!


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