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Loving: Winter 2023

Below are a few things I am loving during this winter.

1. Yellowstone — We have enjoyed this series. Doug and I began watching Yellowstone when we returned from Christmas. It is a great show, and we have all but watched the fifth season, which we plan to start this week! The horses are beautiful and views are amazing, along with a good plot and storyline.

2. Lululemon Shirt — I love this shirt. It is light weight and very comfortable, a very soft cotton. I have this shirt in several color, and I highly recommend it.

3. Trader Joe’s Beef Jerky Dog Treats Victory loves these treats from Trader Joe’s! I always try to keep some in the house for our sweet girl!

4. Chunckies — Alex really enjoys these paint stick that we discovered from a friend around Christmas time. She has made some beautiful art with them, and they are much less messy than regular paint, for the win!

5. Between Two Kingdoms by Suleika Jaouad — This book is one of my favorite memoirs. I love reading memoirs, and this books was so well written, which chronicles Jaoud’s story to battle a rare cancer, along bone marrow transplants, and her reintegration back to living in the world outside of the “bubble” of the hospital. I really enjoyed reading this memoir. It really makes one so grateful for his/her health after reading this memoir. I highly recommend this book, if you enjoy reading about other people’s stories.

6. The Perfect Bar  — We recently discovered the Perfect Bar, and we love them, including Alex. They are 100% made with natural ingredients, they are organic, and delicious. Alex’s favorite flavor is the peanut butter with dark chocolate chips. We love them, and eat them often from our fridge!

You can view other things I love here!

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