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Biscuit’s Space is more than a website; it is a place where special dogs are given a second chance.  Biscuit, shown in the header of this blog, is the inspiration, namesake, and living proof of the power of Biscuit’s Space.  Biscuit’s Space will not end because Biscuit is gone, but will continue in Biscuit’s great honor.  Above all, Biscuit’s Space promotes and supports dog rescue.  

Biscuit recently sent us the ‘right’ little sheltie named Victory, pictured immediately below and shown in the blog’s header to the right of Biscuit.  Victory, also a rescue, was in need of a second chance similar to our beloved Biscuit.  We feel extremely grateful that Victory has joined our family in Biscuit’s great honor.  You can view videos of Victory here.

Biscuit’s Space highlights Katherine Carver’s photography, her artistic journey, and portions of her life, including her furry family members, Biscuit and Victory.  In addition to Katherine’s passion for photography and dogs, she loves art.  As such,  Biscuit’s Space is curated with a strong artistic ‘dog-centric’ flair.  In addition to its regular content, Biscuit’s Space also features and interviews a myriad of ‘dog-centric’ artists.  Biscuit’s Space is always looking to feature ‘dog-centric’ artists.  


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