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Happy Birthday, Nick!

Today is Nick’s birthday and he turns seven, we think!  Nick, as most of you might know who have been following the blog, is my parents’ rescue papillon mix dog!  My parents adopted Nick in August of 2011.  In our family, we celebrate our furry family members’ birthdays!  This year, we got Nick an Orvis bed for his birthday, shown below, that we purchased during our trip to Vermont with Biscuit this past spring.  Last year, we got Nick an embroidered sweater for his birthday!

We just could not let Nick be without an Orvis bed since Biscuit loved his Orvis beds so much!  We have three Orvis beds, and Victory is currently sleeping with us each night and she has not yet shown interest in her Orvis beds or her new duvet!  In time, we hope that she will want to use her beds at some point when she feels comfortable!

When we were in Michigan last month, to rescue and adopt Victory, we saw that Nick enjoys sitting and sleeping on his Orvis bed, shown below, which is situated right next to his Daddy — the most important person in Nick’s life!


orvis bed


Nick goes crazy for my Dad when he comes home and especially when my Dad asks Nick if he wants to go “bye-bye!” Nick’s eyes light up and Nick barks and he jumps up and down with pure excitement and genuine love for his Daddy!  Nick is really adorable as shown in this video shown immediately below where my Dad asks Nick if he wants to go “bye-bye!”  (To view the video, click on the arrow on the video).



Happy Birthday, Nick-Nick!

P.S. — Please send positive and healing thoughts to Nick.  Recently and shortly after this above video was made, Nick had an encounter with another dog who came off leash from his owner.  Nick was terrified and in the process Nick got hurt.  Nick went to the vet and he is on pain medicine; however, he hurt his back and he is unable to lift his tail.  He is making progress each day.  We hope soon that Nick will heal up and that he will no longer be in any pain.


IMG_3408 3

*The photograph shown above of Nick on his new Orvis bed and the video shown above are courtesy of my parents.

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  1. Anonymous #

    Love this posting!!

    November 8, 2013
  2. Pat Pope #

    So sorry to hear about Nick’s experience. He MUST have been terrified! Hopefully he will be pain free soon and his back will heal nicely.

    November 11, 2014
  3. Robin Pawson #

    Sorry to hear that Nick got hurt! Hopefully, soon he’ll be himself again. Happy Birthday to him!

    November 11, 2014

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