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Sneak Peek: Biscuit’s Excursion to Vermont!

Biscuit is having a great time in Vermont!  The views are beautiful.  Doug found and booked us a hotel with beautiful views of the mountains!  Vermont is truly a green state!  I am sure that it is also very beautiful in the fall with the foliage.  The pace here is nice and laid back, which has been a welcome change!

Biscuit has received many compliments during our trip!  Fortunately, for us, Vermont is very dog friendly!  Biscuit has been in every store we have gone in except the inside of restaurants!  Biscuit made his trip to the Flagship Orvis store where he was warmly greeted by the Orvis staff who knew Biscuit and were excited to meet him in person!  (Biscuit is an Orvis Cover Dog winner and the dog representing the Orvis Petfinder Commitment!)  While at Orvis, Biscuit got himself an Orvis fleece and a new Orvis outdoor dog bed for our new house!  Biscuit also made his way to King Arthur Flour and the Vermont Country Store!  Doug bought enough mixes at King Arthur to make us breakfast for the next several months!  Biscuit also went to New Hampshire to visit some sites.  Additionally, Biscuit shopped in Manchester until his paws dropped off!  Biscuit frequented all of the stores with us and he even came into the dressing room with me — Biscuit is so loyal!  He had a wonderful time at these places where many people commented on his natural good looks!   Biscuit is excited for more adventures today — the weather is gorgeous today!

(As a side note, at home, Biscuit usually sleeps in his Orvis bed near our bed.  However, on this trip, even though we brought Biscuit’s bed and duvet, Biscuit wanted to sleep in our bed!  Most mornings, I have been waking up in a ball because Biscuit has been sleeping at my feet!  I guess you know who rules the roost!)

A few photographs highlighting Biscuit’s trip thus far are shown below.  I will post more photos soon!

Happy Memorial Day!


IMG_9689 2

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  1. Rebecca #

    Some really beautiful photographs! Happy to hear Biscuit is enjoying his visit to Vermont.

    May 27, 2013

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