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Why Dogs Are Family

Without a question, Doug and I believe that our dogs are members of our family!  In fact, much of our lives are centered around our little furry family member!  For instance, Doug plans all of our trips and vacations to ensure that our furry family member’s needs will be met down to the tiniest detail!   The view of dogs are changing and there is a whole industry for furry family lovers who love to spoil their furry family members!

Doug and I believe in adopting rescue dogs;  in celebrating our furry family members b-days; we allow Victory to sleep between us — some might think we are crazy but she loves to be in our bed with us!; and we took tons of photographs of and with our precious Biscuit and we have begun to implement the same approach with little Victory!  I am so glad that we have so many photographs of Biscuit.  Since our move, I just recently finished making the final photo albums of our precious Biscuit, including our trip to Vermont.  Biscuit images are also shown throughout our home.  He is always and forever in our hearts.

Additionally, according to Stanley Coren, “Emotionally healthy humans have the ‘need to nurture,’ and pets are the perfect recipient.  They return the favor of all the love, care and baby talk with their innate ability, proven in scientific studies, to reduce stress, speed healing, and improve humans’ fitness and social-interaction levels.”

Doug and I know that our lives are richer with a furry family member — each one is a gift!  Life is just not the same without a furry family member!  Victory is pictured on the left and Biscuit is pictured on the right below — our precious little shelties.

Happy Thursday!


IMG_2455 2

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