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A Wounded Biscuit

This weekend while Biscuit was strolling around the neighborhood for a walk, in an instant before we could put on Biscuit’s leash, Biscuit jetted across the street covered in Belgium bricks as Biscuit spotted a nearby cat.  In his attempt to catch this cat, Biscuit, unfortunately, tripped very badly over the curb and he fell quickly on his belly.  Biscuit screamed and cried.  I picked Biscuit up immediately and he stopped crying.  Doug and I sat with him on a bench outside and petted Biscuit.  We were quite worried as Biscuit has injured his paw before.  For those of you who have met Biscuit, his demeanor is quite docile.  However, when Biscuit puts his mind to something, he does not give up, and we think that Biscuit over estimated his fragile and arthritic legs and paws in his attempt to catch this cat.  For some reason, unknown to us, Biscuit really loves to chase outdoor cats.  In the past, when Biscuit spotted a cat and started running after it, Biscuit was leashed, and we therefore had more control over Biscuit.  We have to be more careful now as we do not want Biscuit to get hurt.

We are taking Biscuit to the vet today for a six month check up.  Biscuit will have blood work and urinalysis completed to check his kidney function.  We are going to have his leg and paw examined by the vet to make sure it is healing properly.  Biscuit has been limping since his fall, but his limp, as of this morning, is less pronounced.   We hope that Biscuit will continue to get better.  We have given Biscuit some Tramadol for the pain, which has seemed to help him.  Biscuit is still giving us his paw in the evening during his “snacking hour,” which we take as a good sign.

Below is a photograph of Biscuit taken yesterday as he was resting on his bed.  Please send Biscuit positive and healing thoughts.


Biscuit’s visit to the Tysons Corner, Virginia Orvis Store

We recently discovered that Biscuit was appearing in Orvis stores around the country in connection with the Orvis Petfinder Commitment, promoting dog rescue.  Below are some photographs of Biscuit with his poster at the Tysons Corner Orvis store.

Orvis was kind enough to send us  a smaller version of the Orvis Petfinder poster shown below.

Biscuit Appears in the Royal Oak, Michigan Orvis Store

We recently discovered that Biscuit was appearing in Orvis stores around the country in connection with the Orvis Petfinder Commitment, promoting dog rescue.  Below are some photographs taken by my parents of Biscuit appearing in the Royal Oak, Michigan Orvis store!  Soon, we will be taking Biscuit to the Tysons Corner Orvis store so that Biscuit can see his poster!  Happy Friday!



Biscuit is featured in Orvis’ Holiday Catalog!

We recently discovered from Orvis that Biscuit is featured in Orvis’ Holiday catalog, displayed below!


Biscuit with his 26 Bottles of Biscuit!

This weekend, we received 26 Bottles of Biscuit!  Below are some photographs with Biscuit and his Jones Soda!

We did place Biscuit on our dinning room table in order to capture this photograph below!  (Not to worry – after we cleaned our dinning room table thoroughly!)

Biscuit is on the mend.  We hope that we do not have to give Biscuit too many more medicated baths.  His skin infection appears to be clearing up, although the medicine is making Biscuit quite sleepy.  However, Biscuit was not too tired to go out to eat with us on Friday night and Sunday night!





Biscuit is doing a little better.  All of the medicine is making him more tired than usual.  Biscuit went for a long walk last night after the rain.  We hope that his infections will be gone in the next few weeks.  Below is a photograph of Biscuit taken this past weekend just before he went with us to the Harbor in his Hound About, which he loves!


Biscuit Update

I have not taken any photos of our little Biscuit since this weekend.  Biscuit has been under the weather and he is still battling a skin yeast infection on his body and an ear infection.  He also has had an upset stomach from his new antibiotic.  Luckily, Biscuit woke us up so Doug could take him outside several times.  We cut the dosage of his antibiotics back to help with his upset stomach.  Biscuit has even cooperated with us giving him frequent baths using his medicated shampoo!  He looks so different when he is all wet!  There will be more photos of Biscuit to come! 

This image below from Nova Scotia taken from our little house that we rented – reminds me of how peaceful we felt when we were there!

26 Bottles of Biscuit!

I am very happy to report last night my friend, Marie, surprised us when she sent me these photos below!  Marie is the winner of $100.00 for locating Biscuit on the Jones Soda Co. bottle!  She located and found Biscuit on Jones Soda Co. bottles at the Giant in Baltimore County!  At first she found 2 bottles of Jones Soda Co. with Biscuit appearing on the label on the shelf.  Then, after looking further, she located 24 more bottles with Biscuit appearing on the label on the shelves, thereby cleaning the Giant out obtaining a total of 26 bottles of Biscuit! 

We are really excited to see these bottles in person!

You can locate Jones Soda Co. products in your area here.


Biscuit Made It Home

Biscuit made it home from vacation.  Biscuit did very well in the car, a twenty-three hour car ride each way (two consecutive days of traveling each way).  He did not have any issues, thankfully.

Biscuit was very excited to be home and he was running all over the house smiling while taking the side of his head and running it up against our furniture!  He was also very happy to be out walking in his neighborhood and he was sniffing everything in sight!  We think that Biscuit is more happy to be home than we are!  We will miss Nova Scotia’s peace and serenity.  A few photographs of Biscuit taken on our front porch are below taken today upon his return home!




Find Biscuit on the Jones Soda Co. Bottle and Win a Prize!

Doug and I have been searching the stores here in Canada, and we have been unable to locate our little Biscuit on the Jones Soda Co. bottle.  Biscuit appears on the green apple flavor of Jones Soda.

If anyone is able to locate Biscuit on a Jones Soda Co. bottle, we will send you a check for $100.00, in exchange for you sending us the original bottle(s) of Jones Soda with Biscuit appearing on the label!  Per Jones Soda Co., 16,666 labels of Biscuit were printed by Jones Soda Co., which have been distributed throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.  Please contact us at for further information.

A copy of the United States label is shown below, which was sent to us by Jones Soda Co.  Happy hunting!  Feel free to share with your family and  friends.  We really would like to find Biscuit on the Jones Soda Co. bottle for a keepsake!


IMG_1996 2