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Biscuit is Injured

This past weekend, Biscuit sprained his elbow located on his front paw.   He slipped after getting a bath and he injured his front paw and bruised his chest.  We immediately took Biscuit to for an emergency vet visit, which confirmed via x-rays that Biscuit did not have any broken bones, thank goodness.  Biscuit did receive laser therapy at the vet’s office, shown in the photo below, to help his paw elbow/paw heal.  Biscuit is having difficulty walking due to his injury.  He is on pain medicine to help manage his pain, which also makes him sleepy.

Biscuit is improving, but he is not yet one hundred percent.  We hope that he improves a little bit each day.  We are going to the vet tonight for a follow-up appointment.

Please think good thoughts for our little Biscuit.


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  1. I hope he is OK and recovers quickly. best, Kim

    July 30, 2012
  2. maggi #

    I still wince just thinking about Biscuit and his “adventure” this weekend. But I have to say, he’s totally rocking the protective eyewear!

    Get well Biscuit, you handsome fella…

    July 30, 2012
  3. Patricia Pope #

    So sorry to hear about Biscuit’s injury. The main thing is that he is getting better. Reminds ME to be careful!

    July 30, 2012
  4. charlyn kwiatkowski #

    Awwww, so sorry to hear of this! That must’ve been some slip/fall!:0 But, I had to LOL when I saw the pic of Biscuit with those goggles on!!!;D I know it was because of the lazer that he had to have them on, but it looked so cute….and funny!! I hope Biscuit heals quickly. You are really great Puppy Parents to take such good care of Biscuit!!♥ Much Love, Hugs & Kissez to you all…~Char

    July 30, 2012

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