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Biscuit Made It Home

Biscuit made it home from vacation.  Biscuit did very well in the car, a twenty-three hour car ride each way (two consecutive days of traveling each way).  He did not have any issues, thankfully.

Biscuit was very excited to be home and he was running all over the house smiling while taking the side of his head and running it up against our furniture!  He was also very happy to be out walking in his neighborhood and he was sniffing everything in sight!  We think that Biscuit is more happy to be home than we are!  We will miss Nova Scotia’s peace and serenity.  A few photographs of Biscuit taken on our front porch are below taken today upon his return home!




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  1. maggi #

    The top photo is great! I’m glad to hear he enjoyed his trip What a well traveled pooch! 🙂

    August 21, 2012

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