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A Wounded Biscuit

This weekend while Biscuit was strolling around the neighborhood for a walk, in an instant before we could put on Biscuit’s leash, Biscuit jetted across the street covered in Belgium bricks as Biscuit spotted a nearby cat.  In his attempt to catch this cat, Biscuit, unfortunately, tripped very badly over the curb and he fell quickly on his belly.  Biscuit screamed and cried.  I picked Biscuit up immediately and he stopped crying.  Doug and I sat with him on a bench outside and petted Biscuit.  We were quite worried as Biscuit has injured his paw before.  For those of you who have met Biscuit, his demeanor is quite docile.  However, when Biscuit puts his mind to something, he does not give up, and we think that Biscuit over estimated his fragile and arthritic legs and paws in his attempt to catch this cat.  For some reason, unknown to us, Biscuit really loves to chase outdoor cats.  In the past, when Biscuit spotted a cat and started running after it, Biscuit was leashed, and we therefore had more control over Biscuit.  We have to be more careful now as we do not want Biscuit to get hurt.

We are taking Biscuit to the vet today for a six month check up.  Biscuit will have blood work and urinalysis completed to check his kidney function.  We are going to have his leg and paw examined by the vet to make sure it is healing properly.  Biscuit has been limping since his fall, but his limp, as of this morning, is less pronounced.   We hope that Biscuit will continue to get better.  We have given Biscuit some Tramadol for the pain, which has seemed to help him.  Biscuit is still giving us his paw in the evening during his “snacking hour,” which we take as a good sign.

Below is a photograph of Biscuit taken yesterday as he was resting on his bed.  Please send Biscuit positive and healing thoughts.


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  1. Patricia Pope #

    I certainly will send healing thoughts Biscuit’s way. Look forward to hearing good things from his vet visit.

    October 22, 2012
  2. Peggy #

    Biscuit is a trooper, he will be just fine. Let us know the results of his 6 month check-up. 🙂

    October 23, 2012

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