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My Ideal Commissions

I think that it is important to identify your ideal commission in order to attract these types of commissions!  During college I wrote down my ideal characteristics for a life partner.  I shared the list I created, entitled, ‘Guy Criteria,’ with my Dad, and he thought that the criteria was too high and together we narrowed down the list a bit!  (I still have this list at home!)  I never wavered from my list, and Doug appeared right after finishing law school and taking the bar exam!  Of course, Doug met every characteristic and much, much more than I could have envisioned as a college student!  However, had I not made that list, I may not have known or recognized that Doug was ‘the one.’  The funny thing was, I knew right away, and I vividly remember telling my Dad at a Starbucks in Maryland on one of my parents’ visits that Doug was ‘the one!’

I think that same idea rings true with identifying your idea commission, which is similar to attracting your ideal partner in life.  My ideal commissions are not a specific group of people, but people who have a few things in common, as outlined below.  I think we do our best work when it is for people we genuinely care about.  I have spent a great deal of time identifying the characteristics of my ideal commission, client, described further below.

1. Wants to work with me in particular

I want to do commissions for clients who cannot imagine having anyone else complete their commission.  Each photographer is different; each photographer produces different work; and each photographer uses different printing methods, i.e., papers and printers to produce their work.


2. Wants something different

I want to work with clients who are looking for something different — clients who desire layered images and who want images printed on high quality, fine art archival papers.


3.  Truly values photography and has a discerning eye

I want to work with clients who truly care about preserving memories via photographs.  I want to do commissions for clients who are particular, have a discerning eye, and have high standards.  I want to work with clients who truly value photography and will not settle for any photographer, and have done their research to help ensure a good match between the client and photographer.


4. Follows along on the blog

I want to work with clients who already follows the blog and therefore get to know me personally.  I consistently invest much thought and effort into my blog in order to keep people coming back for more!


5. Trusts me

Trust in any type of relationship is vital for success.  Thus, it is imperative that clients who commission work trusts me and my ability to deliver a deliverable that exceeds clients’ expectations.  I also want to work with clients who are looking to work with the ‘right’ photographer as well.  I know when I work with other artists, I only work with those artists whom I trust and I know will do a wonderful job.  I have interviewed some artists who I have worked with on this blog.  Therefore, it is important that clients’ trust me to ensure a good working relationship, which is vital for a wonderful client experience.

You can learn more about my Commissions here.


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