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Around Here This Week

This week has flown by really quickly!  We are looking forward to the weekend!

-This week Doug was away on travel for work and it was just me and little Victory!  While I was at the gym the other night, Victory managed to get hold of a full bag of chicken flavored Greenies Pill Pockets and she chewed through the bag and she ate all but two pill pockets!  She is a smart and stealthy sheltie girl!  So far, she is doing ok!  Evidently, Victory is getting more confident, and we are not going to keep any food within her reach!

-This week Victory started to make motions that she is interested in playing!  She is coming out of her shell more and more and we are seeing more of her personality shine through each day!

-Victory is going to meet some furry friends for the first time this weekend in the City!

-This week we ordered Victory’s Valentine’s gift!  Hopefully, she will like it!  Also, check out these neat scratch off Valentine’s if you are in need of some Valentine’s!

-I love these new Lululemon tops and yoga pants that Doug got me!  I love Lululemon and I remember the times that Biscuit came with us to the Lululemon stores in Nova Scotia and in Maryland, including the dressing room — he never liked to be left out!  (P.S. — here are the best, most comfortable undies ever from Lululemon — I think I have almost every color/pattern!)

-I hope to make some more progress on my photography project  — lots of editing work to complete!

-Also, we’re planning more rest.  Doug and I have made a conscious effort to make more time for rest, which has been really helpful.

-Most of all, I am so happy that Doug is coming home today!  We have ‘date night’ tonight — hope to try a new restaurant, something different!  We are also almost done with getting caught up on the Son’s of Anarchy!  Victory will have watched every episode with us!  When it gets warmer and after some training, Victory will be able to join us for ‘date night’!

-Also, I’m still practicing trust, my word for the year.

Happy Friday!


IMG_7161 2

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  1. Pat Pope #

    I’m sure you BOTH will be happy to see Doug! That is funny about Victory and the Greenies. My Kitty is getting more clever and adventurous also – going into uncharted territory. She is pressing her luck.

    January 31, 2014

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