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Experience is Everything

Experience is everything.  The neat thing about delivering a remarkable client experience is that it can be the foundation of a strong brand.  Making personal contact and going the extra mile is something that makes a difference in the client experience.  We are in an age where people have a lot of choice on where they shop and spend their money.  If you provide a great client experience, it keeps the client happy and he/she will come back and refer you to others.  It really is an interconnected process.  Without the client, what do we have?

I really enjoy paper cards and design.  I always look forward to making our holiday cards and I really enjoyed creating our wedding invitations.  I recently created thank you cards for my clients.  I created return address labels, seals, and custom stamps so that everything coordinates highlighting my brand, shown below.

I believe the client experience should be seamless for the client.  After all, like myself, the ideal client, wants to make sure that they are working with someone whom he/she trusts and has confidence in.  I know when I am hiring and working with someone, it is extremely  important that I feel that I can build a rapport and working relationship with the person I am going to hire, which is just as important, if not more important, than the services rendered.  Thus, my goal for each client is to create and implement a personalized, fun, and seamless experience that exceeds the client’s expectations and makes each and every client feel like royalty.


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