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Getting Acquainted With A Photographer Online

I enjoy doing commissions for clients in addition to working on my personal photography projects.  These days, most everything is done online.  Therefore, I do my best to showcase who I am, not merely what I do.  In addition to my website, my blog, a daily practice, has been a wonderful way to share more about myself and my work.

This is important because if a person hires a photographer, it is vital that the prospective client really likes and trusts the photographer and really likes the photographer’s work.  It is important that personalities align and the client is comfortable in the presence of his/her photographer.  A relationship with a photographer is unique — no two photographers are the same personally and each photographer’s work is different.  Below are a few tips to help a potential client find a photographer who is a perfect fit.

1. Perform Research – Photographers have have endless resources to create an online identity to covey who they are by way of their websites and blogs, etc.  It is important that a potential client does his/her homework in advance and learns as much as possible about a prospective photographer.


2. Send Initial E-mail(s) – If a potential client is looking to communicate with the photographer who is best suited for him/her, it is best to first e-mail the photographer a few times to see how the photographer responds over e-mail.  This will give the prospective client an idea of how quickly a photographer responds to e-mail inquiries, while simultaneously being able to obtain a feel and sense for the photographer to help make a more informed opinion and decision about the photographer.


3. Read the Bio/About Section – The bio section is a photographer’s opportunity to communicate to potential clients who they are and what he/she is passionate about.  The best photographers communicate this information well, and the bio section of a website becomes an integral component to ensuring the potential client and photographer are a great fit.


4. Ask Questions – A potential client should never be afraid to ask a photographer any and all questions.  A potential client should be able to ask the photographer whatever questions she/he needs to ensure that the potential client feels comfortable with his/her decision to hire the photographer to commission work.  A photographer should be able to fully and promptly answer a potential client’s questions.  A great client-photographer match/fit should create a relationship that will be professional and mutually beneficial, which affords a remarkable client experience!


Happy Wednesday!


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