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Victory: Getting Ready for Christmas!

If you have not already noticed from reading the blog, Victory is our little fur baby and she will always be treated as a family member!  As such, we wanted to get Victory ready for the Holidays — her first Christmas!

We purchased some items for Victory, which are shown below!

IMG_4321 2


1. Ornament: We had a custom ornament of Victory made by Helen Greenstein, Eleni Creative, who previously made our Little Felt Family!  I love working with Helen!


(The above photographs of the little felt Victory are courtesy of Helen GreensteinEleni Creative.)


Below is an image of our expanded Little Felt Family!

IMG_4353 2


Also, shown in the image immediately below, on the right, our beloved Biscuit was featured in the American Craft 2013 Holiday Look Book!

eleni creative, biscuit


2. Stocking: We had a custom embroidered stocking made for little Victory from Pottery Barn, pictured above!  (We had the same custom embroidered stockings made for all of us for Biscuit’s first Christmas in 2011.)


3. Christmas Collars: We purchased several Christmas collars shown above.  Victory is wearing her sparkle collar below!

IMG_3656 2


4. Tartan Antlers:  Victory is using Biscuit’s Tartan Antlers shown below.  Victory looks so cute wearing her tartan antlers and her sparkle collar!

IMG_3554 2


Victory is ready for Santa to visit her!  Thankfully, Doug and I have finished (just about) everything for Christmas!

Happy Friday!

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  1. How cute Victory looks in her holiday outfits! She looks like she enjoys having her picture taken. I’m surprised she tolerates her collars, etc. The felt doggie is cute also. For years I have looked for a stuffed animal that looks like a sheltie but have never been able to find one.

    December 13, 2013

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