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Victory: Two Months In

“A really companionable and indispensable dog is an accident of nature.  You can’t get it by breeding for it, and you can’t buy it with money.  It just happens along.” – E. B. White

Today we have had our little Victory for two months!  The time has really zoomed by quickly!  Victory is doing really well.  She had a great Thanksgiving and we are looking forward to celebrating our first Christmas together!  Victory loves to go for rides in the car, so we know that she will travel well over the Holidays!  We are excited for her to meet more family!

Below are some things that we learned about Victory this month:

  • She loves to cuddle — she is a cuddle bug!
  • She loves to come jump on the sofa as soon as a human sits on the sofa!
  • She knows when it is bed time.  Victory on her own proceeds up the stairs and jumps into bed squarely in the middle of our bed abutting the headboard behind all of our pillows!
  • She loves to sleep with us (this is not new to us, but continues on!)
  • She loves chicken breast, cheese, Cesar Softies, Cheddar Biscuits, and vanilla Chick-Fil-A ice cream (like her brother Biscuit)!  We are sure that there are more food items that she likes, but for now, she is venturing out!
  • She loves to lay in our bed when we get ready in the morning.  She loves our bed so much that she does not like to leave the bed when I make it each morning!  I am constantly putting her on the floor and then she runs around the bed and jumps on the bed again and again!
  • She likes car rides!  We hope to go on many adventures when the weather warms up!  We are also planning a fun trip with Victory this summer!
  • She likes to wake us up during the night to get a drink of water in bed, as she will not leave the bed to get a drink of water — we know, she is a spoiled princess!  However, she is hydrating more, which is good!  (We hope to soon get her to drink water in our master bedroom bathroom!)
  • She loves to sniff — everything.  She sniffs us all the time, especially before bed!  She sniffs so much that she leaves marks on my glasses trying to sniff my eye lashes!
  • She likes the snow!  She had fun earlier this week walking in the snow!

We know in time that Victory will make even more progress getting acclimated to her new home.  We plan on doing dog training with Victory after the new year!

Enjoy the images of Victory taken just before dusk and before the snow hit here — she looks absolutely beautiful!


IMG_3976 2

Below is a side-by-side comparison of Victory — look how much Victory has changed in a relatively short period of time — from the first photo we received of her from her foster Mom in September (left) compared to the photograph taken of Victory this past weekend (right)!  She looks beautiful and her precious sheltie furs are coming in!

Additionally, we were at the vet last night for a heartworm check, which was negative, and Victory is now a healthy 22 pounds, which is so much better than the mere 14 pounds she once was when she was found in the hording situation this past summer.  At the vet’s office last night, in the waiting room, she hopped right up on the chair like a human!  We really do think Victory thinks she is human as outlined above!

Happy Thursday!

2013-09-04_0001 3

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  1. WOW! What a change! I love hearing about her likes and dislikes. Each Sheltie is a unique personality. These pictures remind me of pictures of Mr. B while your home was under construction.

    December 12, 2013

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