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Victory: Exuding Confidence

Victory is beginning to really come into her own!  Over the weekend, Victory got a bath and we took her to get her nails and paws trimmed!  Victory did try to jump multiple times out of our soaker tub!  It takes both of us to bathe her!  However, it was worth is as she looks great and she is ready for Christmas!  Victory’s fur feels so soft and silky!  Her sheltie furs are also beginning to come in!  Victory, pictured below, is striking a pose for the camera!  She looks confident and beautiful wearing her new Christmas collar!  Every time Victory moved, she jingled!


IMG_5498 3


Also, over the weekend, Doug and I made eggnog sugar cookies pictured below.  Doug really enjoys cooking and baking!  In honor of Victory, we made dog and dog bone shaped eggnog sugar cookies!  We need to get a sheltie cookie cutter.  We had bought a sheltie cookie cutter previously, but I think that it got misplaced/lost during one of our recent moves!


IMG_6185 2


The winner of the ASPCA Giveaway is Nancie McClendon!  I along with the ASPCA will be in touch with you shortly!  Thank you to all of you who participated!

Happy Monday!

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