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Victory: First Snow!

This past weekend was our first snow with our little Victory!  Victory had a good time in the snow!  She wore her new pink fleece from her Grandma and Grandpa to keep her warm and to protect her little sheltie furs!  (We might have to find some matching little pink boots and see if Victory will tolerate wearing them!)  While we were outside in the snow, Victory put her little snout in the snow many times to sniff around and she also licked the snow!

Enjoy some photographs below documenting Victory’s first time in the snow!  It is really snowing here today and we are sure that she will like walking in the snow again today!  We are so happy that Victory is part of our little family!

Speaking of snow, you can view  Biscuit’s first snow  and one of my favorite images of Biscuit in the snow from earlier this year!

Happy Tuesday!


IMG_4026 2

IMG_4042 2

IMG_4050 2

The snow was a little too much that Victory had to close her eyes!

IMG_4213 2

IMG_4217 2

IMG_4056 2

IMG_4183 2

IMG_4212 2

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  1. Very sweet photos of Victory in the snow! That pink coat looks great on her. I did look at the pictures of Biscuit in the snow – I never get tired of looking at them. What a handsome fellow he was!

    December 10, 2013
  2. Victory is adorable. Terrific shots.

    December 10, 2013

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