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Victory’s First Thanksgiving!

I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving!  Victory had a great Thanksgiving — her first Thanksgiving!  She really loved cuddling with everyone.  She seems to love being loved!  She is gaining more confidence each day!  She is beginning to come into her own!  Victory also loved her chicken that Doug made especially for her!  We learned that she likes cooked carrots as well!  Little Nick , my parents’ furry family member, came for a visit and he loved having turkey and chicken as well!  Nick situated himself around everyone in the hopes of getting as much human food as possible!

We think that Victory was more interested in Nick than Nick was into Victory!  Nick only truly loves one person — his Daddy!  Pictured below are Victory and Nick sporting their matching Christmas collars!  Nick, of course, was keeping an eye on his Daddy!  In honor of Victory, we put out some Christmas lights over the weekend — they look quite nice!

In the Holiday spirit, not all dogs are fortunate enough to have furever homes.  Please keep all dogs in your prayers especially as the weather gets colder.  A special dog prayer is shown below, which a friend recently shared with me.

IMG_3761 2

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