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Victory: Furever Home

Victory has made it to her furever home — our new home!  Victory did really well in our long car ride back from Michigan to Maryland.  She cuddled up with me and she also slept beside me as Doug drove us all the way back home!  Victory is very sweet and gentle.

Victory has sniffed around the house, and has taken a look around.  She still is a bit skittish and, depending upon where we are in the house, she likes to be either on the bed, sofa, or in her crate at this point.  Victory used a crate at her foster home, where she found comfort in having a space of her own.  (Doug and I hope that she outgrows her crate).  We purchased a spacious crate that looks like a play pin of sorts (which is portable) upon the recommendation of the rescue and her foster mom.  Victory seems to find refuge in her crate and she goes in and out of it as she sees fit.  She has a bed and blankets in her crate along with some toys and blanket containing the smells of her foster home.

Victory has been on several walks in the new neighborhood and she has met some other furry friends.  She does enjoy going for long walks/runs, and she will learn her way around the neighborhood in time.

Victory has made it clear that she likes to be in the bed with us when we sleep!  It is ok with us as we purchased a new larger bed when we recently moved!  Some people may think this is crazy, but we want her to feel comfortable and how could we say no to that darling face!  Plus, Victory is a little ‘cuddle bug!’

Before we left Michigan, I took photos of Victory and her ‘Uncle Nick‘ (my parents’ dog) shown below!  They seemed to get along quite well.  However, we are certain that Nick is happy to have his Daddy all to himself!  Also pictured below is Victory wearing her new pink fall fleece, a gift from her Grandpa and Grandma Carver!  It fits her perfectly!  We also purchased an engraved paw I.D. tag for little Victory that we added to her collar!

Doug and I will be patient and help build Victory’s confidence and we will also get into a routine.  It took time for Victory adjust to her foster home, and it will take some time for her to adjust to her new home with us.  We love having Victory as part of our little family and we look forward to many fun adventures with our little Victory!

Happy Wednesday!


IMG_2116 2

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  1. Pat Pope #

    Do you know approximately how old she is?

    October 16, 2013
  2. I really like the look of your sdtuio space with its different areas for different types of work. And, I agree, on such days when you have trouble working or the gap between mind and hand is too great, you can always take pictures. I feel that way today… I can see it all in my head but my hands are failing me. Best get the camera out…

    December 19, 2013

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