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Biscuit’s Health Update

Biscuit is on the mend.  The vet determined that Biscuit’s left elbow on his front paw is quite sore and bruised from his fall.  We hope that it will continue to heal.  Biscuit’s skin infection has cleared.  Biscuit’s ears are in better shape, as his ear infection is gone, but we need to continue to clean them daily.

However, Biscuit was not happy to be visiting the vet yesterday.  He tried to bite the vet on several occasions, which is not like Biscuit.  He did not want the vet to give him an exam.   As a result, Biscuit had to have a muzzle placed on his snout.  When Biscuit was taken out of the exam room to the back area of the vet’s office for his ear exam, blood work, and urinalysis — he was a very good boy.  Next time, we are going to have Biscuit go back with the vet to have his exam without us in the room to see whether it will make a difference in Biscuit’s temperament.  We gave the vet a couple of bottles of the Jones Soda featuring Biscuit.  Hopefully, Biscuit will do better at the vet next time.  Unfortunately, Biscuit has had to go to the vet quite often due to his health issues.

Today, we received good news from the vet that Biscuit’s protein levels are stable.  This means that Biscuit’s kidney issue is not worsening and it is being stabilized by the medicine he takes daily.  Although, Biscuit’s protein levels are still not within the normal range, indicating that his kidneys are not functioning at 100%.  We do not want Biscuit’s kidney issue to worsen.  We will go back in a few weeks to check Biscuit’s blood pressure as his kidney medicine impacts his blood pressure.  However, Biscuit’s ALK Phosphate level is extremely elevated compared to past blood work.  We added on a T4-Free test to see if Biscuit has an under active thyroid, which can be treated with medicine.  We should have more news on Biscuit’s blood work later this week.  If the blood results are not indicative of a thyroid issue,  we will have to do further testing and have an ultrasound completed to look at Biscuit’s abdominal area more closely.  We hope that it is nothing serious.

On a positive note, Doug found our first Jones Soda featuring Biscuit last night!



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  1. Peggy #

    That’s great news.

    October 25, 2012
  2. maggi #

    Oh wow. I’m happy and sad for Biscuit. He’s been through an awful lot in his life. But it is great to hear that his protein levels are good! And that the skin infection is gone. Good going, Biscuit!

    October 25, 2012

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