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Snapshot: Summer 2021

This summer snapshot blog post is a few months late due to the summer and fall seasons being so hectic. However, I finally finished editing our family photographs from this summer, a feat! (I am still roughly six weeks behind on editing our family photographs from this fall, a never ending process!)

This summer we did a lot of swimming, which Alex truly loves. She now likes to dive down for rings and be more independent! This summer we also acquired a new Big Joe hippo and new a Big Joe alligator to add to our growing menagerie! Alex also loved getting ice cream from the ice cream truck at the pool!

Additionally, Alex also continued her horse riding lessons; and by the end of this summer, she has graduated to a bigger horse, named Storm, and Arabian horse, shown at the end of this post! Alex is currently learning how to use the reins to control/direct the horse on her own, and she is making good progress; her teacher believes she is doing great for her age. And, Alex is the most calm little person, while being very present with the horse while riding. It is magical to witness.

This summer was also notable as we celebrated Alex’s third birthday, in July, which is so difficult to believe, as the time is literally flying by. She is a bright, beautiful little girl! We celebrated Alex’s birthday together as a family with a unicorn themed birthday! On her birthday, we took Alex to the National Aquarium, which she affectionately refers to as the “fish house.” Alex had a ball; and we took her out for pizza at one of our favorite places in Harbor East, near the Aquarium, for lunch; and we also took Alex out to dinner on her birthday, along with Victory in toe! In the evening, we all celebrated together at home with a unicorn cake and cupcakes with both of our girls!

Further, we celebrated the Fourth of July with some small fireworks and sparklers with the girls, along with some friends.

During the summer, my parents also came to visit a few times since COVID-19 hit, and Alex greatly enjoyed her time with them!

Additionally, in August, we also took a vacation to Rehoboth Beach, which photographs can be viewed here, as they are not included in this blog post.

Anyway, we feel very grateful, and we hope that you are enjoying your fall. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week, already!

Here is a short video of Alex riding Storm!

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