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Vacation Photographs: Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach

This blog post is roughly three months late. This summer and fall have been extremely busy, so I have been quite behind on editing our family photographs. Now, I am only a month behind on photo editing, a little progress! (I hope to do a summer snapshot blog post soon.)

In August, we took our second trip since COVID-19 hit! We did not want to go too far from home due to traveling with Alex, so we decided to go to Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach again.  Doug, fortunately, found another beach house to rent that would allow a small child and a furry family member!  We were only a few blocks from both beaches!  Alex loved the ocean; she had no fear! She also enjoyed building in the sand with Doug! (Unfortunately, on our final day at the beach, Alex got sea lice, what were the odds, and her tummy and torso area were covered in red bumps. It gave us a scare. Fortunately, urgent care helped us and gave us a prescription hydrocortisone cream, and everything cleared within a week.)

We figured out a rhythm to our days, which went something like this: we woke up when Alex got us up, which was really early; we all had breakfast; got our swimsuits and sunscreen on and packed up and headed to Rehoboth Beach where we stayed about four hours; we had lunch; we got Alex bathed and down for a nap; we got ourselves cleaned up and took a nap; then, when Alex got up from her nap, we all got ready and headed out to dinner at one of our two favorite places — Dewey Beer Co. or the Iron Hill Brewery; then we got Victory and we all went to Dewey Beach for a long walk, which Victory loved; then we came home and got Alex to bed; and, we rested for a little bit after getting Alex to bed; however, most nights, were were so tired we were back in bed with Victory, too! So, this was more like a trip than a “vacation,” as Doug and I were very tired when we got home!

We were not permitted to take Victory to Rehoboth Beach, but she could still go to Dewey Beach, thankfully, in the early mornings and evenings!  So it worked out perfectly!  Victory has been to Dewey Beach several times before. Victory was absolutely in seventh heaven on the beach!  She loved it!  And, Victory even let Alex walk her on the beach, in the evenings, shown below in the brief video! It was so sweet! (Victory can be very particular, our little regal princess!) We were also very fortunate for good weather — it only rained one evening during our entire trip!

Some images from our trip are below!  We are really grateful for our time away together with our girls!  We have many wonderful memories! 

Here is a video of our girls at the beach!

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