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Snapshot: Spring 2021

We welcomed this spring with wide open arms, after what felt like a really long winter this year. We are so grateful to have the COVID-19 vaccine, and we cannot wait until Alex is eligible to get hers. It has been so nice having warmer weather. This spring we celebrated Easter together and Alex loved dying Easter eggs; her and Victory each enjoyed their Easter baskets; and we spent Easter day go-carting together! We also did and continue to do a lot of swimming, which Alex loves! We celebrated Mother’s Day together, which was a really nice day! I feel incredibly grateful to be a human and dog mama! We also enjoyed strawberry picking together, which Alex really wanted to do this year, and she would like to return to pick more fruits this summer and this fall as well! Additionally, Alex is fully day and night potty trained, we are so elated! Alex moved into her toddler bed earlier this spring, and she also had her first “big girl hair trim” at the salon! Interestingly, Alex loves the cicadas! She enjoys putting them on her hand and she is not afraid of them at all, whereas Doug and I are not fans of the cicadas! It is difficult to believe she will be nearly 20 years old when they return!

Additionally, after receiving our vaccines, we all took a road trip to Lexington, Kentucky, and we survived our first long drive together! It was fun visiting Keeneland and the Kentucky Horse Park! Even Victory was welcome at the Kentucky Horse Park! The girls had a ball! And, Alex loved riding Tini, a pony, several times! Doug introduced Alex to some of his favorite restaurants via take out! As a result of our trip, Alex has fully embraced horses, as she is taking horse riding lessons and she is doing really well! Alex just continues to blossom and keep us on our toes. We think she is growing in every way, day by day! Alex especially loves looking at videos of her younger self! She asks me every night to “see the baby videos!” And, she loves “reading” to Victory in the mornings! It is so endearing.

Victory is doing well, too. She has fully embraced Alex; and she has really come out of her shell, as a result. Victory is fully ensconced into our little family and we are so, so grateful she appears to be in good health per the vet. Victory has a big birthday coming up this fall, which we will celebrate! Alex frequently tells us that, “Victory is the best puppy, ever!” And it is so true. I cannot believe how fast the time is going, the days continue to fly by way too quickly. It is all going too fast. I am grateful to be able to document this time with our little family. I just wish the time would slow down, some! We are looking forward to a fun summer! Alex cannot wait to return to the beach! A few photos from our spring together are shown below!

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