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Season of Gratitude: 2019


It is that time of year, autumn, our favorite season; and it is a time for reflection and harvest.  I have learned that a gratitude practice can be really helpful.  So, on this cool early morning, while Alex is still asleep in her room; Victory is curled up resting on our pillows, at the head of our bed; and Doug has just left for work, here is what I am immensely thankful for:

  • writing during this cold dark morning in silence with a cup of hot apple cider next to me
  • the early mornings where I have a little time to myself
  • sleep and more sleep — so thankful for more (and more uninterrupted) sleep
  • getting to be a ‘fur mamma’ and human mamma
  • our healthy toddler who is thriving
  • our fur girl, Victory, who recently received a clean bill of health at the vet during her annual exam; and, notably, she has even lost a pound, with one more to go, per the vet!  Her daily walks and her new food are really helping in this area!  (And, Alex has now surpassed her fur sister in weight!)
  • our warm house filled with wonderful natural light
  • the sound of Alex’s giggles and growing vocabulary
  • everything about my husband, the way he smells, his touch, and how he fathers
  • walks outside taking in the cool fall air
  • our second trip to the pumpkin patch, as a family of four
  • our second Thanksgiving as a family of four
  • opportunities for personal growth
  • our ‘night-night’ routine with Alex and our fur girl, Victory
  • our family time together
  • our family dinners together
  • our family outings together
  • a strong, healthy marriage
  • nearly finishing the revisions on my long-term photography project; it has been such a process and journey; and I am reviewing the body of work and moving onto the next steps
  • my mentor who has helped guide me through this creative photography project process
  • friends who are always there, no matter what
  • Doug’s new position at a research and development lab
  • the way Alex looks at us in the morning when she has just woken up — there are no words to describe this feeling
  • listening to Alex talk to herself in the early mornings, which is so endearing
  • a play school, which Alex loves, where she is constantly learning and growing
  • spending one-on-one time with our girls
  • lunches and dinners with good friends
  • enjoying good books
  • enjoying time for exercise
  • the privilege of being taught by others
  • the ability to be present
  • the ability to choose
  • the ability to write, think, imagine, and create
  • feeling at peace
  • the way Alex loves Victory, it is just so sweet — even though, for now, Alex is calling Victory, “Lou Lou!”

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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