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Fifteen Month and Sixteenth Month Snapshot: Alexandra

I completed the monthly snapshots of our beloved Alex during her first year.  Here is the snapshot of Alex’s fifteenth month and sixteenth month!  (You can view Alex’s thirteenth and fourteenth months here).  Alex is just changing all of the time and she is still growing like a weed!

Alex is still extremely busy!  She is always doing something!  She is quite curious, adventurous, and she loves exploring.  She loves being read to and she now likes to go to bed with her board books, which she is pretty hard on, as she breaks the binding of the books, at times!  (We have already had to replace a few books!)  She loves playing hide and seek!  She usually likes to hide in our bathroom or my closet and she thinks it is hilarious when we ‘find’ her!  She also loves to play telephone, and Doug usually plays this game with her — they hand the phone back and forth and pretend someone is calling for little Alex!  She also recently started brushing her own hair, it is so cute!  She also loves Taylor Swift’s, The Man song, which we play in the evenings, and she dances, and it is incredibly heartwarming!

During this time, we did a lot of swimming!  Alex took swim lessons at the Goldfish Swim School and she swims regularly at our gym!  Alex loves the water and she is pretty brave when it comes to trying new things, thankfully!  She still loves her bath time as well, and Daddy usually gives her a bath in the evenings these days!  We took our girls to Pups in the Park along with several trips to the park, book store, as well as dinner outings!  We also took Alex and Victory to Lowe’s and Bass Pro, during bad weather; Alex loved getting on the boats and the all-terrain vehicles, along with the big lawn mowers at Lowe’s; and she also loved the Lego store, near Bass Pro, too!  We also took a trip to the petting farm and two trips to the pumpkin patch!  Alex was adventurous and she rode a horse at the petting farm, shown below!  We celebrated, one of our favorite times of year, Halloween with our Super Girls!  Alex also participated in a school Halloween parade and celebration, and she had a wonderful time!  Alex even went trick-or-treating to about a dozen nearby houses!  She had a ball, and she even helped hand out candy before getting too tired!  We also took a lot of long walks in our neighborhood together, which Alex enjoys!  (We have to order the Bob Stroller soon, as Alex has already just about grown out of the Bugaboo Fox Stroller, sadly, which should have lasted until she was about three, but she is so tall!)  Alex also attended two birthday parties and she had a ball!  One party took place at Pump it Up, and Alex went down steep slides all by herself (Doug, fortunately, carried her up the steep steps, multiple times!)  A brief video is below!  We, of course, also celebrated Victory’s eighth birthday!  Alex, especially, loved celebrating Victory’s birthday — she absolutely loves balloons!

Alex has started saying more words!  It is endearing listening to her talking to herself in her room early in the morning!  Alex is sleeping eleven to twelve hours a night, although the recent time change has caused Alex to wake early, but we are almost back on track, fortunately.  We are so beyond elated!  She is also still taking a morning nap and afternoon nap.  Alex loves to climb and, when she wants up, it is the cutest, she says, “I sit!”  Most of the time, she usually can get up on the object she is climbing, on her own.  Alex now climbs up the stairs and goes down the slide at the park all by herself!  Additionally, Alex loves Victory and says “hi” to Victory all of the time.  There is a resident dog at Alex’s school named “Lou Lou.”  Alex, consequently, calls every dog, including Victory, “Lou Lou!”  When we are on walks together, and when Alex spots a dog, she waves and says, “Hi, Lou Lou!”  We are working on getting Alex to say, “Tory,” Victory’s nickname!  Alex still likes to run after Victory, so we keep that to a minimum, for Victory’s sake!  Victory is a good sport with Alex, and we cannot wait for when Alex really understands that she cannot run and pull on Victory — we will eventually get there!  Victory loves her little sister, too.  She is very tolerant, thankfully!

Alex, as of the fifteenth month, is officially off the bottle!  Yay!  She is slimming down a little, too, as a result.  She loved the bottle, but it was time for her to exclusively use the sippy cup!  (Alex still loves her paci for nap time and bed time!  We are aiming to get rid of her paci by age two, per the pediatrician and dentist!)  Alex is also feeding herself, pretty well, with a spoon and spork!  She really loves being independent!  She absolutely loves fresh watermelon — a favorite fruit!  She loves carrot sticks, too!  We are introducing more fruits and vegetables and she is even eating more chicken and beef!  Victory is always close by, during meals, to gobble up Alex’s food droppings, and Victory is even getting more brave going under Alex’s highchair to eat the food droppings, while Alex is still in her highchair!

Alex did pretty well at her fifteenth month doctor’s appointment; however, she is not keen on going to the doctor’s, even for well visits.  And, of course, she is still off the charts!  Alex also had her first trip to the dentist during this time.  The pediatric dentist was very nice and thorough; however, as mentioned, Alex is not keen of any medical professional these days!  Importantly, her two-year molars are the last teeth to come in, and then we are done with teething!  Yay!  At the dentist, the tears came, but the dentist got done what she needed, thankfully.  Teeth brushing is not one of Alex’s favorite times, nor is it ours!  Flossing is a real struggle, as one could imagine!  Interestingly, it is actually easier for me to brush Victory’s teeth, and I brush her teeth about five mornings a week!

Alex will still cuddle with me in her glider, right before bed, in her dark room, just before placing her in her crib, and I love receiving her kisses and hugs, hearing her talk, and feeling her soft curly hair against the side of my face, as I know these times will not last forever.  We are doing our best to embrace the now, the present.  I am savoring each day with her and she is one of my greatest teachers, in addition to Victory and Biscuit.  Alex has a beautiful smile, eyes, and personality — we think she is absolutely adorable!  Alex is worth every minute of our wait and our journey to get her; ultimately, she entered our lives right on time, when she was supposed to come.  We are so happy we get to be Alex’s parents.  I am very grateful to be able to document our every day, as these seemingly ordinary moments are so precious and fleeting; I always want to have these images for posterity.  Life is good; and we love getting a front row seat seeing our adventurous girl grow up!  Each month gets even more fun with our girls, Alex and Victory!  We are so, so grateful!
































































































































A few iphone images from Alex’s fifteenth month!


Here is a video from Alex’s fifteenth month — Alex in the pool at her swim lesson!



























































































A few iphone images from Alex’s sixteenth month!


Here is a video from Alex’s sixteenth month — Alex at Pump It up!


Here is a video from Alex’s sixteenth month — Alex at Nordstrom’s helping Mamma pick out some new boots, while saying, “I sit!”


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  1. Gina Harasti #

    Adorable Alex! You’ve done such a great job, Katie, in capturing her life to date. How great it will be for her when she sees these when she’s older. Victory is as beautiful as ever and such a good companion. Amazed to see her so well behaved at the game. Happy Thanksgiving a bit early. May your life continue to be filled with such happy blessings! ________________________________

    November 14, 2019

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