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Photographs: Charleston, South Carolina, Folly Beach Babymoon

We went to Charleston recently for our Babymoon, and I finally had time to finish culling and editing the images from our Babymoon, our fifth vacation with our sweet fur girl, Victory!  (The time goes by much too quickly!)  You can view a snapshot of our vacation here.  (You can also view our vacation last year with Victory to Charleston here; you can view our vacation two years to Lake Michigan here; you can view our vacation from three years ago with Victory to Quebec City here; and you can view our vacation four years ago with Victory to Montreal, Quebec here.)

We rented a house in Charleston, close to Folly Beach while still being not too far from downtown Charleston; we actually rented the same house that we rented last year.  We were really fortunate in that we had nice weather while we were in Charleston and the temperatures were not too hot as well, an added bonus!  We all loved the beach.  We spent a lot of time resting and relaxing there.  We went to downtown Charleston a few times and again enjoyed the quaint shops along with Jeni’s ice cream!  We also went to the  Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, which was beautiful!  We greatly enjoyed slow and relaxing days compared to our norm.  We took nice long walks in the morning and spent the days at the beach reading and relaxing, followed by nice dinners with our fur girl at local restaurants, (Firery Ron’s/Home Team BBQ being one of our favorite restaurants, which also welcomes furry family members) and then we took long walks on the beach watched the sun set in the evenings with our fur girl, Victory!  (Victory got much needed rest after her dinner and beach excursions, as evidenced below!)  Victory loved the beach.  She loves walking on the beach and dipping her little white paws and legs in the water!

Most of all, we are grateful for our time away together.  We enjoyed spending time together; getting away; having a change of scenery; and having days where we had no plans and were able to take each day as it came.  Even after a really long drive home, due to horrific traffic, Victory, of course, spotted her exit to her house, and she loved coming home, like always!  We are really grateful and thankful for this special time in our lives.

Below are a few images from our recent Babymoon; and here is a short iPhone video of Doug and Victory!

Happy Tuesday!


















































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