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Our Baby Shower

In May, over Mother’s Day weekend, my good friends from law school, Taehee and Hilma, offered to host and give Doug and I a lovely baby shower!  My friends were very gracious for giving us a baby shower and they took care of every little detail!  The decorations, cake, food, and favors were all splendid!  They also coordinated some fun games and prizes that we played during the shower as well!  A good time was had by all!

Even our little Victory came to the shower and my friends were so thoughtful — they know how much Victory means to us, she is part of our little family, and her initial, “T,” for “Tory,” her nickname, was also included on our beautiful shower cake!   Most of all, we were really grateful to be surrounded by good friends and family to celebrate this really special time in our lives, celebrating our little miracle!  In addition to the many wonderful and thoughtful shower gifts, we have also received many lovely gifts from colleagues, friends, and family that have been added to our baby’s nursery!  We are very grateful.  A few images from our shower are shown below!

Additionally, Doug was so thoughtful and gave me the sweetest Mother’s Day card and necklace for my first Mother’s Day!

Further, I have not shared too many details about our pregnancy here, so I have highlighted a few thoughts below.

-Our pregnancy has been smooth overall, and I cannot complain, as we are elated to have a healthy baby.  I did not experience any nausea or morning sickness, thankfully.  However, during the later part of the second trimester into the third trimester, I have experienced a lot of heartburn resulting in vomiting, which has been uncomfortable, at times.  The doctor prescribed some medicine, which helps.  My ankles and feet have also been really swollen since the later part of the second trimester into the third trimester.  (My Crocs are the only shoes that fit comfortably right now as my feet are so swollen.)  I also get more out of breath while exercising than what I am normally accustomed to; and my bladder feels full really quickly, which are all typical.  Things have moved at a little slower pace lately due to the baby really growing during this period.  Otherwise, I feel pretty good.

-I have been sleeping pretty well, most nights, with the help of extra pillows for support.  I have had some vivid and surreal dreams while pregnant.  Victory is still sleeping with us (above our heads against the headboard, where she likes it) and I think she knows change is coming from feeling my expanding belly when I hold her.  We plan to change a little as possible with regards to Victory when the baby arrives.  Victory actually explored the nursery on her own this week, so hopefully this is a good sign that she is curious!

-I have read some baby books, but I have not gone overboard.  We have taken many classes to help us prepare, with one more class remaining this month; however, I do not think one really knows until they are experiencing it, in the thick of it.  I am sure we will have lots of learning ahead of us!

-It is a truly a wonderful and incredible feeling to feel our baby moving.  She is pretty active these days and, fortunately, she does not keep me up at night, which is an added bonus!

-Doug has been really great; he has been really supportive; we attend all of the parent, baby, and birth classes together along with Doug going with me to all of our ultrasound appointments.  Doug also helped me with pediatrician, nanny, and school interviews as well.  We have had quite a few ultrasounds in which we have had the opportunity to see our baby quite a bit, even in 4D, with several more ultrasounds to go!  (We have seen a glimpse of our baby’s face and little body — the ultrasound technology is pretty amazing!)  Doug has also helped me prepare everything for the baby.  I could not have done it without him!

-Most of all, we are excited and grateful to meet our little girl and we hope for a smooth and uneventful delivery and recovery!  (We are very thankful to have wonderful doctors and care during this time.)











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  1. Hilma Munson #

    Congratulations to Katie and Doug! Hope things continue to progress smoothly. I’m sending positive thoughts to you.

    June 12, 2018
  2. Gina Harasti #

    Katie, Thanks for sharing. You look beautiful and both you and Doug exude the happiness that only a little life can bring. So happy for you both and sweet Victory! Take care. Gina ________________________________

    June 12, 2018
  3. Robin Schwartz #

    Hi Kate, Congratulations!
    A book that helped me tremendously and one I often gift is “So That’s What They’re For:
    The Definitive Breastfeeding Guide, 3rd Edition by Janet Tamaro. You know my history photographing, I learn from doing my first book as well about bonding, physical and eye contact, as well as our experience with indigenous peoples. I had such a learning curve and was late in some areas, I wish I had visited a Le Leche meeting before Amelia arrived. Lastly it took me quite a while to trust my instincts, what was good for our family, over all the advice.

    June 18, 2018

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