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Loving: Spring 2018

Happy spring!  We hope that it will actually feel more and more like spring on a consistent basis soon!  Below are some items I am loving!



1. Cuddle + Kind — I recently discovered these adorable hand-knit dolls via Cuddle + Kind.  We purchased for our baby Charlotte the Dog and Lucy the Lamb, and received them in the mail recently!  The best part is that each time you purchase one of the hand-knit dolls, proceeds go to feed children in need.  (The hand-knot dolls come in two sizes).

2. First Aid Beauty, Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer – I also somewhat recently learned about this wonderful face moisturizer.  It is truly the BEST moisturizer that I have ever used.  It goes on well, there is no scent, and it keeps one’s face and skin hydrated really well with no oily residue whatsoever.  I love it and I will never go back to any other product!

3. Yoplait Yogurt Mix Ins — I love yogurt, and I especially like this new yogurt by Yoplait, specifically the key lime mix in flavor!

4. Promptly Journal – I love making photo books; however,  I wanted to find a simple way to capture this time in our lives so I purchased a childhood promptly journal, which helps you capture your child’s complete history from your pregnancy until your child is 18 years old.  There are pages for your to document your pregnancy; pages month for the first year of your baby’s life; and then there are pages for each birthday until age 18.  Each section has places to document your child’s favorite things and then it has questions that help prompt you with what to say.  Additionally, there are places to add pictures at each page, and it is recommended to use scrapbook tape to adhere the images to the paper journal.

5. Brooks Ariel Running Shoes  – Doug and I still make it to the gym regularly and I really like these new shoes.  They offer so much support and comfort with a wider type toe box.  My feet are never sore, no matter how much I exercise!

6. Fromm Cheese Treats – Victory, our fur girl, loves these treats and they are made in the U.S. and are only a few calories per treat!  Victory also eats Fromm for her breakfast and dinners each day and she loves it!

You can view other things I love here!

Happy Tuesday!

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