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Tangible: Photo Books

I believe it is important to make images tangible.  I recently completed making hard cover photo books via Artifact Uprising, beginning with our wedding through 2016.  It took me a while to make each photo book, but I am so glad that I did!  They all very in number of pages and only one image appears on the right hand side with the left hand side blank to allow one to focus on one image at a time.  In each photo book, I selected and included only the images that I really liked.  I am now caught up so that I can work prospectively instead of retrospectively.  We look forward to our vacation this year, and I plan to make another photo book as well.  I am still working on framing fine art prints to hang in our home, an ongoing project.  These tangible images brings joy and I am happy that we will have these books, capturing memories, for years to come.  I highly recommend this process, which allows you to relive the memories while making the photo books!

The photo books include as pictured from right to left below: our wedding; our honeymoon; our first trip to Nova Scotia; our second trip to Nova Scotia; our trip to Manchester, Vermont; our first trip to Québec (Montréal); our second trip to Québec (Québec City); and our trip to Lake Michigan.



Happy Wednesday!

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