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Around Here: March


Happy March and Happy Spring!  We are so beyond ready for spring to truly arrive here!  Below are some items that have occurred around here in March, another busy month that is going by much too quickly!

-continuing to work on the next steps concerning my long-term photography project, slowly making progress.

-enjoying date nights together!

-continuing this month with our parent, baby, and birth classes that go through the next several months!

-as of earlier this month, we are officially half way through this pregnancy!  The time is flying by so quickly, and we are savoring every moment.  All is going well, thus far, and I have felt our baby moving; I have a ‘baby bump’ now; and our baby is growing quickly!  It is all quite amazing.

-our baby’s nursery is getting near completion and it is shaping up nicely with a simple and modern feel.  Pictured above is Victory in the baby’s crib during the early stages of getting the nursery together.  With all of the commotion lately in our house, we think Victory knows change is on its way.  We are hopeful that Victory will adjust well, while we are mindful that this change will not likely, at first, be easy for her.  She will always be our first fur girl, an integral family member, who we love very dearly.

-we have been doing some spring cleaning around the entire house this month purging items while utilizing the Marie Kondo, “KonMari” method!  We have made some good progress!

-continuing to gather and select items for our baby!

-after much research and interviewing, we secured a pediatrician we like along with a nanny and play school (for in the future) for our baby!

-we planned a trip next month with our fur girl, Victory, as our last trip as a ‘party of three,’ while I can still travel, commemorating and celebrating three special milestones simultaneously: our babymoon; our 10-year wedding anniversary; and my ‘big birthday!’  (Our wedding anniversary and my birthday will occur soon after our baby arrives and we will therefore not be traveling for any long distances for quite some time!  And, we are more than ok with this arrangement!)

-I took a trip to Michigan this month to see family and friends.

-Doug got us tickets to see U2 this spring!

-we have been giving Victory lots of snuggles and love!  We actually had to take Victory to an emergency animal hospital earlier this month; she was bleeding and she, unfortunately, had a bacteria infection that we got cleared up with an antibiotic and she is on the mend, thankfully.

-since the weather has been a bit warmer (when it was not snowing), during certain points this month, we have enjoyed taking Victory for rides in her Hound About!  She loves getting fresh air and going for long rides, while I walk!

-still using the 1 Second Everyday App to document a second each day — it will be interesting to see the finished video at the end of the year!

-continuing to work on getting fine art prints made, framed, and hung in our home, an ongoing endeavor!

-finished the first season of Abstentia, a good series.

-almost through the first season of Counterpart, an excellent series.

-With all that has been going on, I am a bit behind on reading this month outside of baby books.

-listening to a myriad of podcasts, especially, at the gym and on walks!

-continuing to make incremental progress on our ever-growing to do list, which feels quite large currently!

Happy Wednesday and wishing you a Happy Easter!

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