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Photo Magnets: Fox Print

Earlier this summer, when I was done editing the images our trips, I wanted to create Sticky9 photo magnets for our refrigerator/freezer, only to find out that they had gone out of business in June.  Therefore, I had to find another option and, after researching, I found Fox Print located in California.  These magnets are individual photo magnets and they are 2.5 x 2.5 inches and similar thickness as the Sticky9 photo magnets.  I found the print quality and resolution to be better than Sticky9.  (However, I do miss having nine images together, which was an option at Sticky9.)  So, this has been the next best option that I have been able to find, thus far.  We still have a little bit of surface area on of refrigerator/freezer remaining, and these photo magnets fit perfectly in the space remaining on our refrigerator/freezer!  You can also easily change out the magnets and update photos.  They make great gifts as well!  Below is an iPhone image containing a sampling of some of the images I had made into magnets!

Happy Tuesday!



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