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Fun Tangible Images

I am a big supporter of printing personal images, therefore making them tangible.  I am currently in the process of having archival fine art prints made, which we will frame and hang around our home.  It will be really wonderful to soon finish this project!

I have printed photo magnets, which we’ve placed on our refrigerator/freezer, which has brought great joy, along with my quotable magnets, which I love.  These photo magnets have also made great gifts, too!  These magnets are also really easy to update with more recent images, thereby keeping the images current.  Also, they are always a conversation starter, when we have guests over.  Below is a snapshot of the top portion of our refrigerator/freezer.  We have photo magnets and quotable magnets all the way down to the floor on our refrigerator/freezer!  If you would like to showcase some personal images in your kitchen, and if you are interested in having photo magnets made, check out Sticky9!

Happy Tuesday!


IMG_1406 2

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  1. This is what our fridge looks like too- I love it!

    January 12, 2016

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