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Photo Magnets

I love magnets, especially quotable magnets, which are inspirational.  In fact, I have sixty square quotable magnets on our fridge, which I have collected over the years!  I am running out of room!  However, I recently decided to try something new and have magnets made using my images.  I used Sticky9 to create my photo magnets, which I uploaded from my computer, shown below.   I used the medium size magnets, which comes in a square grid of nine magnets that can break apart into individual magnets.  (I chose to keep my grid together for now).  So, now we have some fun images of our little family on the fridge to enjoy, and I plan on making more!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


IMG_6760 2

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  1. Anonymous #

    That’s a great option! Did you get buried in snow?

    January 30, 2015

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