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Why you should sleep with your dog

We’ve all heard that we should not do it — invite your dog to sleep in your bed.  People believe it’s dirty, and it is just not good for you.  However, what if this is not entirely true?  There are actual health benefits to letting your furry family member spend the night and it is not just you who is better for all of that time together.  It is better for your dog, too!  When we first adopted Victory from the Michigan Sheltie Rescue, Inc., Victory, our beloved fur girl, made it known she wanted in the bed and, well, ever since, she has been sleeping with us in our bed!  Our very first night with Victory she hopped into bed with us and would not budge.  And, we would not want it any other way.  We love Victory and ‘night-night’ would never be the same without her tuck in routine consisting of play time, followed by her tummy and head massages, followed by a drink of water in bed before heading to sleep, along with lots of kisses from Victory.  Every morning we wake up with Victory, who sleeps above our heads, against the headboard.  She always sleeps as long as we do!  Sometimes Victory will hop back into bed after her morning potty, while ensconced in our pillows, and sleeps until the late morning!  It is really a ‘win-win’ for everyone.

Below are some reasons why you might consider having your furry family member sleep in the bed with you!

1. Dogs provide comfort.  Whether it is her worm body or rhythmic breathing, there is just something so comforting about a dog.  They make one’s bed feel even cozier.

2. Dogs fight insomnia.  A dog’s presence promotes calm, stress relief, and a feeling of safety.

3. A dog’s presence promotes a better night’s sleep.  A study found that getting close with your dog can boost serotonin, the chemical that is essential to regulating sleep.

4. A dog’s presence provides a happier mood.  Another benefit of sleeping with your dog can lead to falling asleep happier.  A study found that the interaction with your dog can boost one’s oxytocin, an essential chemical in both feelings of affection and happiness.

5. Snuggling with your dog relieves stress and anxiety.  As therapy dogs have shown, a dog’s presence is a great stress reliever.  A dog’s positive outlook is contagious, and their attentive nature is very reassuring.

6. Dogs provide warmth.  A dog’s warm bodies and tendency to curl up as close to their humans as possible work as a little radiator in the bed.  While this can be tough in the summer, while mitigated with air conditioning, who doesn’t love a little bit of natural warmth on a chilly night?

7. Dogs help humans deal with difficult times.  One thing that dogs offer without question is unconditional love.  For someone facing a difficult time, this type of connection can feel hard to come by.  To receive it, with no questions asked, can work wonders during a particularly tough time(s).

8. Dogs help make you feel safe.  Knowing that there is another presence watching over you when you are at your most vulnerable is such a comforting feeling.

9. Dogs help to lower one’s blood pressure.  Sleeping with dogs can be a vital part of your health routine.  A study found that getting close with your furry friend corresponds with lower blood pressure.  That is a pretty good reason to let your dog under the blankets!

10. It’s good for your dog, too.  There is nothing in the world that your dog loves more than you, so allowing them to spend that extra snuggle time will make her day.  They receive comfort from you in the same way that you do from them, so this sleep arrangement is good for everyone involved!

Our bed is now Victory’s bed, and we would not have it any other way, as evidenced below!




*Image Credit: Off The Leash, Rupert Fawcett

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  1. I’ve been seperated from my dog for maybe 3 years now because I started my own family ( dont worry she’s safe with my grandmom and sister and im planning to get her). Maybe that is the reason why I cant have a good night sleep now. Maybe im having a really bad dogsick. I miss my furry baby.

    September 6, 2017
  2. I totally agree! We have been sleeping with our dog or dogs ever since we’ve had them – we figure it is a pack thing – the whole pack sleeps together 🙂

    March 30, 2018

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