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Begin Anywhere

Begin anywhere.  John Cage, an American composer and philosopher, is famous for saying these two words.   Cage tells us that not knowing where to begin is a common form of paralysis.  Therefore his advice — begin anywhere.  Too many people are stopped by “not knowing how to begin” and “not knowing where to begin.”  These two little words are a constant reminder that we are able to change thought, break through a lull, and reverse directions at any time.  We have the authority to start anew — right now.  Therefore, the stars do not need to align for me to act.

Sometimes when I feel like I am unsure where to begin I take a few steps back and reflect; however, sometimes if I spend too much time thinking I will talk myself out of starting and diving into a project.  Thus, I find that it is better to begin by taking small steps during those time where I am unsure where to begin.  Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, I begin with something I know that I can complete, which gives me momentum to keep moving forward.  So the next time you feel like you are unsure where to begin, just begin anywhere and you will be amazed how much easier things seem when you just begin and you will likely end up in a better position that you initially envisioned!


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