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Shelties and more shelties!

Recently we took Biscuit with us to visit the Sheltie Haven Sheltie Rescue, Inc.  This is the rescue organization where we adopted Biscuit.  We have never been surrounded by so many sheltie friends!

Biscuit had a good time — once he knew that he was going home with us.  Below are a few photographs of some very handsome shelties that are in need of furever homes!

Below is a sheltie checking Biscuit out!


If you are interested in dog rescue, please contact Carol Guth, Sheltie Haven Sheltie Rescue, Inc.  Currently, there are eight (8) dogs in the rescue who are in need of furever homes, listed below.  Carol Guth can provide you with further detailed information on each rescue dog.

Maggie – 14 years, Female, Retriever/Chow mix

Angel  – 12 years, Female, Sable, Sheltie

Rock-It – 12 years, Male, Sable, Sheltie

Jessie – 11 years, Female, Sable/Blue Merle mix, Sheltie

Spirit – 9 years, Male, Mahogany, Sheltie

Gypsy – 8 years, Female, Black and White, Sheltie

Snickers – 2 years, Male, Mahogany, Sheltie

Charlie – 2 years, Male, Red Sable, Sheltie

If you want to adopt a rescue dog; donate money; and/or contribute your time to the Sheltie Haven Sheltie Rescue, Inc., please contact Carol Guth via telephone at 301-663-0635; or via e-mail at  To learn more, you can also visit the Sheltie Haven Sheltie Rescue, Inc.’s website, which is currently in the process of being upgraded and redesigned.

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  1. maggi #

    Oh wow! Look at all of them!!!

    In the last shot, the one with the ball reminds me of Benji. 🙂

    December 6, 2012

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