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Loving: Summer 2017

Happy summer!  We are so happy that the summer months have arrived!  Below are the items I am loving, so far, this summer!



1. Blue Apron – In an effort to mix things up this summer, and in an effort to eat healthy while not taking too much meal time preparation, we have tried some meals from Blue Apron.  The menu changes frequently, and the contents to make each meal comes right to your own front door!

2. Cascadian Farm Granola, Oat and Honey – We eat a lot of yogurt, especially Dannon’s Activia probiotic yogurt, and Cascadian Farm’s granola is the best granola I have had in a while!  And, it pairs great with yogurt!

3. Neutrogena Sunscreen – All summer we have been using Neutrogena’s Beach Defender, 70 SPF sunscreen.  It works really well, smells great, and does not leave an oily residue on one’s skin.  We used this at the beach while on vacation and we use it when we go to the pool each week.  I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a great, high SPF sunscreen that really protects your skin from the sun.

4. Philosophy Purity Facial Wipes — I do not wear too much makeup, but when I do, I love using Philosophy’s facial wipes to take my make up off.  They work really well.

5. The Bright Hour — This is a truly really great memoir written by Nina Riggs about the last two years of her life, which I recently finished reading.  She completed her memoir in January; and she, sadly, died the next month, at age 39, of metastatic breast cancer.  According to Riggs, “I think a real gift that this experience gave me was forcing me to appreciate my life/death, not just my life.  I had to embrace the experience of having cancer, because that experience was part and parcel to my experience of my husband, my kids, my dearest friends.  So I would say I really hope the book I wrote will make you feel much more joy than anything else.”  Riggs writes beautifully.  I highly recommend this memoir.  It has been said that it is this year’s When Breath Becomes Airwhich I also read last year.

6. Caseology Case – I had to get a new iPhone case for each of our phones, and I really like the cases we purchased from Caseology.  They look great, come in various colors to match your phone, and they are sturdy, too!

You can view other things I love here!

Happy Wednesday!

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