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10 Fun Things About Victory!

Doug and I have had a full plate this year and I feel badly for not sharing more about our fur girl, Victory!  So, since it is Friday, I thought I would share 10 fun things you might now know about our fur girl!

1.  She loves ‘night night.’  This seems to be her favorite part of the day.  We think she thinks we sleep with her.  She runs up and down the bed and plays most nights with a wide smile.

2. Each night before bed, Victory likes to have a few sips of water before we all go to sleep.  I know she is very spoiled!  (Nobody is bringing me water while in bed!)

3.  She still hates bath time with a vengeance.  She knows when we take her collar off and she sees the bowls to rinse her she knows that she is getting a bath and she runs for the hills.  It takes both of us to bathe her, and it is not easy with her resistance every step of the way.

4.  She loves eating just about anything.  She always wanders into the kitchen and dinning room while we eat dinner or breakfast.  She is always up for tasting just about anything (within reason).  She especially loves carbs.

5.  She is very loyal.  She never waivers from our side and she just likes to be with us!

6.  She is apprehensive with new situations and meeting new people; and she is not always the most flexible little being during these situations!

7.  She loves her daily routine when we are home.

8.  She loves her Ergo and her Hound About!

9.  Despite being nervous in new situations, she is always up for an adventure and going to new places!  We are lucky she travels well with us!

10. Home is where her heart will always be!  It is her sanctuary and where she feels most comfortable.  She always loves returning home, similar to most people.

Happy Friday!


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