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Snapshot: Charleston, Folly Beach Vacation

We are back from vacation!  We are getting back into the swing of things from being gone!  The car ride was long due to the horrible traffic in Virginia.  Doug was kind enough to drive both ways, the whole way!  Victory sat on my lap and actually slept on my lap on the way home!  This was a first (or maybe a second), so perhaps we are making progress!  Victory was a trooper on vacation — she did really well!  (We still think home will forever have Victory’s heart.  She was really excited to be home, in her house, in familiar surroundings.)

We were really fortunate that we had nice weather while on vacation.  It only rained for a few hours one day!  It was hotter and more humid than I bargained for, but we had a great time!  Victory loved the beach.  She loves walking on the beach and dipping her little paws and legs in the water!  Today’s post is a sneak peek, as I have not finished editing images from our trip.

On our way to Charleston, we stopped in the triangle area in North Carolina for a few days (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill).  Doug wanted to visit Duke’s campus, and, while there, we even made a stop at the Canine Cognition Center!  Victory did not participate in any laboratory tests, but it was interesting to see the lab first hand.  Victory did not make it too far walking around the campus, so we used the Ergo, which she loves.  I think both Victory and I were totally drenched by the end of the day!  While in Chapel Hill, since Doug loves bourbon, we went to the TOPO Distillery.  Victory was even welcome, so it worked out.  Chapel Hill is a nice university town, resembling where I grew up, in many ways.  While in Raleigh, we found a really good restaurant, the Tupelo Honey Cafe, and there is fortunately one also in Northern Virginia!  It was the best brunch and fried chicken that we have ever eaten!

We rented a house for a week and a half in Charleston, really close to Folly Beach and we were still not too far from downtown Charleston.  We all loved the beach.  We spent a lot of time resting and relaxing there, and we took each day as it came.  We went to downtown Charleston several times and there was no shortage of good restaurants!  We even were able to bring Victory to a few dinners and enjoyed Jeni’s ice cream for the first time!  We also went to Boone Hall Plantation, which was interesting — I loved the trees that are unique to South Carolina.  Below is a snapshot containing several iPhone photos from our vacation.  Once I finish editing the images from our vacation, I will put a proper blog post together to share in the next week or two, I hope.  Stay tuned.

Happy Friday!




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