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Victory: Ten Things…

Below are ten things you may not have known about our little fur girl, Victory!

1. She loves ‘play time’ right before bed!  We think it is her favorite time of day!  She jumps around, tries to get our hands in her mouth, makes noises, and she occasionally barks!  She is quite agile and can really jump and move swiftly!  I will have to work on getting a video of Victory in action!

2. In addition to loving riding in the car, she absolutely loves coming home in the car to her garage — it is so magical and exciting for our fur girl, Victory!

3. She loves going in her Ergo!  Who wouldn’t, right?  However, we save the Ego for when we really need it.

4. She loves almost all types of human food, and she enjoys coming into the kitchen and to the dining table for some treats in the evening!  She also loves to be fed while we watch television in the evenings!

5.  She loves her Fromm wet and dry food and eats her breakfast and dinner in no time flat on the sofa, no less!

6. During the night, she loves to lay on pillows above our heads.  Some nights, she snuggles her head right up against mine (or Doug’s)!  She rarely snores and she loves having a flush headboard.  We discovered during our vacation, last year, that she only likes flush headboards as opposed to non-flush headboards, as she slept in between us and we could hardly move!

7. Whenever Victory is nervous, she lifts her left paw up.  She can become easily stressed in new situations that are unfamiliar.  However, once she adapts, she does well.  She loves the routine and predictability.

8.  She does not enjoy bath time, but she is getting a little better, with time!

9. She sometimes will stop dead in her tracks while we are out on a walk if she sees someone!  This can makes walks difficult, at times, in our neighborhood.  However, in unfamiliar places, she constantly is moving, making walks easier!  This is why we like to try new places to go for walks!

10. She loves to lay by my feet while I am working at the computer, she is a very faithful companion who keeps me company while I work!  We are so fortunate to have our fur girl!

Happy Friday!  We hope that you have a great weekend!  We are going to get together with friends and also see Kung Fu Panda 3!


IMG_4596 2

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  1. So cute!

    February 5, 2016

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