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Finding the Time…

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“How do you find the time?”  is a questions that I get asked I have been working away for three and a half years on my long-term photography project that is really important to me.  I think the simplest answer to this question is that if you want something badly enough, you somehow find the time, and you find the time in the most unlikely places.  There are many people who do not finish projects, let alone a long-term project that requires, a lot of work, effort, perseverance, and patience.  Below are some ways to find more time to devote to a creative endeavor with our limited and constant 24 hours per day.

1. Stay Organized: Staying organized is key.  The more organized you are, the more you are able to foresee space to carve out on your schedule and dedicate time to a project ahead of time.  It is helpful to keep a running list of items you want to accomplish.

2. Identify your Most Productive Time: Everyone has a time of day where they are most productive and alert.  Figure out what this time is for you, as it is best to carve out time during these optimal times and leverage these times accordingly.  The mornings are my most productive times, and I utilize these times, and wake up earlier to utilize this time.

3. Set Aside Time: The more you are able to set aside time on your calendar and treat it like an important appointment, the less likely you are to waste this time.

4. Prioritize: Instead of watching television or surfing the web, social media, apps, etc., use this time to get constructive work completed.  It is amazing how much time is needlessly wasted engaging in these activities, when this time could be used for more productive creative projects.

5. Avoid Interruptions: While you are working on your project/creative endeavor, to help maintain your focus, turn your phone off; turn your email off; and turn social media off to prevent distractions so that you are able to solely focus your attention on your project.  It is amazing how small interruptions easily get you track from the task at hand.

6. Say “No.”: It is really easy to take on more work and commitments; and then you find that the time that you have carved out for your project is gone.  It is best to not take on anymore commitments than necessary in order to guard and protect your creative work time.

Happy creating!

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