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Inspirational Stones

I love inspirational quotes and sayings.  In fact, my fridge is covered in roughly 65 magnet quotes, give or take!  On my desk, I have a bowl of stones that I have collected over the past couple of years from my travels, each engraved with a word(s).  I find having them nearby inspiring, and I plan to continue to collect these types of stones!  These stones sit next to my wish ball and daruma doll.  I believe these all channel positive energy.

On another note, we are excited for Doug to come home this weekend from his travels!  During Doug’s trip, due to service and connection issues, we were unable to speak on the phone and Face Time together.  This has been the longest period of time that we were unable speak since we started dating, nearly eleven years ago!  Thank goodness for email and texting!  I know Doug is excited to see his fur girl, and we have missed him!  Tomorrow we are going to dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurants and, after dinner, we are going to see a play!  And, most of all, Victory is ready to celebrate her Daddy for Father’s Day on Sunday!  (We think being ‘puppy parents’ counts!)

(We truly hope that Victory is on the mend from her infection, which we have been battling for over a month.  We should know for sure how she is doing in a couple of weeks when we complete a urinalysis after she finishes taking her current antibiotic.)

We hope that you have a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day!


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  1. Gina Harasti #

    Katie, You may also like the stone from Cause A Ripple. See G

    Sent from Surface

    June 19, 2015

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