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Instagram: Biscuit’s Space/Katherine Carver

We may be a little late to the Instagram party, but we’re now on Instagram!  Doug and I decided that it was time to get iPhones, so we are now in the twenty-first century with our phones!   I now have another method, the iPhone, to document little Victory, which will come in handy during those time I do not have my regular camera with me!

I am a visual person and I love photography.  Thus, I thought that a ‘dog-centric Instagram’ would be a neat place to share images of Victory, our adventures together, along with snippets of our lives together, which I just started last week.  If you wish, please follow along here.  If you do not have a free Instagram account, you can follow along  on the right side of the blog!  I plan to post at least one photograph per day (likely more), including the weekends!  So feel free to come by for a visit!  (Instagram is the only social media that I use.)  Victory has already made sheltie friends following her in Japan and Israel!  It is amazing to see so many sheltie friends from literally all over the world!

Happy Wednesday!


Katherine Carver Instagram

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