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Victory: Looking Beautiful!

Our beautiful Victory got a bath this weekend!  She was in desperate need of one, especially with these hot and humid temperatures.  It takes both Doug and I to bathe her, and we have a system down now where one of us fills up buckets with water and lines them up in the tub to expedite the bath process, while one of us washes her and keeps her from jumping out; then, we rinse her shampoo and conditioner as quickly as possible working like a little mini assembly line!  We do our best to give her a speedy bath!  To keep Victory looking her best, I brush her daily; use baby powder around her ears daily (she always smells so good); brush her teeth about five times a week; and we give her a bath once a month along with a monthly visit to the vet for a paw and nail trim!  Thankfully, she always does really well at our vet!

I took this image below of Victory earlier this week and I noticed how much Victory has physically changed over the past nine and a half months since she came to live with us.  See this image here to see a comparison of how much Victory has physically changed since bringing her home!  It is quite amazing.  She looks beautiful and healthy!  I cannot wait for her one year anniversary in October to see how much she transformed over the course of a year!

Victory’s confidence has also improved and she has less anxiety.  She will now even sit under my desk for hours at a time while I work; whereas in the beginning, she would retreat to her ‘hut‘ and she did not like to be on the floor.  Biscuit always used to sit near me while I worked, so I am happy that Victory does the same and that she is feeling more secure in her home!  She showers us with kisses every night and every morning — what more could you ask for!  So, we are making progress and we are so grateful for our beautiful little Victory entering our lives!

Happy Thursday!


IMG_5643 3



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  1. Pat Pope #

    What a change! I can almost smell that clean fur and baby powder. She has turned into a real beauty! You are doing such a great job of caring for her. Wish I could hold and pet her.

    July 24, 2014
  2. Linda DesMarais Taylor #

    She looks so beautiful but then again she has the best home in the world! Love, Linda

    July 24, 2014

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